2 Main Types of Tummy Tuck


2 Main Types of Tummy Tuck

When discussing the different types of a tummy tuck, there are generally two categories of a tummy tuck or tummy tuck.

There is a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck An area of ​​skin and fatty tissue that reaches just above the navel or navel, so that a whole paddle of skin and fat is cut from just above the pubic hairline to just above the belly button and Once this entire area is removed, the skin and fatty tissue on the remaining part of the upper abdomen or abdomen are raised and then pulled down toward the lower incision and raped a kind of reading across the abdominal wall first.

Removes a tremendous amount of excess skin and adipose tissue, creating a smooth, flat stomach. The other type of tummy tuck is the mini tummy tuck that goes beyond the level of the belly button, it eventually stops below the level of the belly button.

2 Main Types of Tummy Tuck - plasticsurgerystore.com
2 Main Types of Tummy Tuck – plasticsurgerystore.com

Most patients are candidates for a complete tummy tuck. It is relatively rare that a patient is a candidate for the mini-abdominoplasty. Like everything else, Mini also gives a mini-result.

There must be a mini problem if there is a small area with extra skin or a very small area of ​​extra fat that can be removed with a mini tummy tuck, but in general most patients will benefit the most from a complete one Tummy tuck or tummy tuck that removes a large area of ​​skin and fat. Everything is raised. The muscle is toned and everything is pulled down and raped.


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