Abdominoplasty: Body Contouring Following Weight Loss

Abdominoplasty: Body Contouring Following Weight Loss

My name is Neil McLean, Professor of Surgery at the University of Adelaide and Advisor for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at Newcastle New Field Hospital.

I’ll talk to you about tummy tucking ( Abdominoplasty ) after massive weight loss, as it can be significantly different than normal tummy tucking. As patients knew, after a massive weight loss, patients may experience an abdominal exam. This must often be taken into account when planning the procedure. In addition, the abdomen not only in the vertical direction, but also in the transverse direction must be tightened.

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This means that scarring will occur. We usually perform a tummy tuck ( Abdominoplasty ) called a Fleur-de-lis tummy tuck. However, it leads to a longer scouting. However, the result is much more satisfactory for those who have suffered massive weight loss following the bariatric procedure

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