Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck (Mommy Makeover)


Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck (Mommy Makeover)

Abdominoplasty. It is commonly called Tummy Tuck. When the abdomen becomes large and begins to hang, abdominoplasty procedure is used to reduce the lower abdomen.

The lower abdomen can be enlarged due to various reasons, when the lower abdominal muscles are loose is when we do abdominoplasty. If the skin alone sags, then skin excision alone can be performed. But if both the muscle and the skin begin to sag and hang then we need to perform complete and proper abdominoplasty.

In between the skin and muscle there is fat based on how much fat is present, we may need to decide whether or not to perform liposuction too Usually, multiple preganancies and extreme weight loss or reduction can cause sagging skin in lower abdomen. Abdominoplasty is done under general anaesthesia. Usually the patient is required to stay in the hospital for one day after the procedure. Once the patient is fine, they are allowed to go home.

Under general anaesthesia, the incision is usually made in the lower abdominal area Similar to where a Caesarean scar is located. In that region, all the excess skin is removed and the underlying muscle is tightened. And is relocated to the umbilicus or the centre of the lower abdomen. If the patient has previously undergone laparoscopic surgery or hernia repair then there might be chances of having a problem with the vascularity of the lower abdomen Such patients are already informed about the inability to preserve the vascularity. And that a new navel may have to be reconstructed.

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck (Mommy Makeover)
Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck (Mommy Makeover)

With regards to the complications of Abdominoplasty, Any surgical procedure can have infection in the incision site, bleeding post surgery, scar or delayed healing Normally, the abdominoplasty scar completely heals in 10 – 14 days after removal of sutures The healing can sometimes get delayed Such delays are common when we do extensive liposuction along with abdominoplasty So we decide whether liposuction is actually needed or not Post-Cesarean, upper abdomen can experience mild numbness after abdominoplasty But all this, the numbness will return after 6 weeks so, umbilicus, like mentioned earlier if there was previous surgery performed through the navel, then preservation of the umbilicus is challenging Its a very safe procedure – abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, done to reduce the excess skin and lost muscle tone and to get perfect shape


  1. Thank you for this video my boyfriend had trouble with me doing a mommy make over but thanks to your educational video, he is okay with me adjusting my body!


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