Abdominoplasty Procedure and the cost involved


Abdominoplasty Procedure and the cost involved

Abdominoplasty as the name implies is a procedure where the abdominal wall is improved or repaired it is usually done for those who have a very lax abdomen, or if pendulous fold of skin or lacx skin in the in the infra unbilical area so the these are patients who usually we find who develop this after pregnancy where the skin has been stretched, there are stretch marks, they could have a cesarean scar in the lower abdomen and the skin becomes inelastic and forms a pendulous fold.

This inelastic skin will not shrink by any means non-surgical so the best thing to do is to get rid of all of this loose skin and tighten the abdomen, so at the same time when you’re getting rid of the skin you can tighten the abdominal muscles as well.

These muscles for instance the vertical rectus abdominis muscles they tend to move apart during pregnancy. Now all women suffer from this, but many do and when the rectus abdominis moves apart it leaves you with the kind of a ventral weakness and this called as ventral divarication.

This ventral weakness causes a bulge in the front. So many women may find that after pregnancy their abdomen is bulging forward and every time they’re straining in fact it gets worse, and this can be repaired in an abdominoplasty. So we get rid of the elipse of skin in below the umbilicus and then we repaired the abdominal muscles bring them back in the midline And then we pull the skin down and tighten it all up. So they are left with a low kind of a caesarean type of a scar and that fades over time it may take a year or so to fade.

Abdominoplasty Procedure and the cost involved
Abdominoplasty Procedure and the cost involved

Most of the stretch marks skin below the umbilicus or the navel is gone and if you do liposuction at the same time like the upper abdomen or the flanks or the lower back where you have bulge then it improves the figure even more so you could get the pre-pregnancy figure back. Now the cost wise this procedure if it’s just an abdominoplasty may cost anywhere from 1.5 to 2 lakhs because it needs hospitalization. You have to have drains in for a few days till the drainage stops and then can go home because at the time of the procedure is also three and a half to four hours time and once the drains are out you can go home.

Recovery time is around ten days to two weeks for the wound to heal up and then? for the swelling to disappear which is around four to six weeks time. If you are doing liposuction as well that can take care of the this time duration can take care of that as well and the cost of liposuction is the same as that mentioned about twenty five to thirty five thousand per zone and you just club it together. You have to wear a compression garment on top. Cost of the compression garment may be different or separate and wearing a good nice compression garment and having massage helps you to get rid of the swelling fairly fast.


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