Asian Rhinoplasty – Asian Nose Job


Asian Rhinoplasty – Asian Nose Job

You’re a plastic facial surgeon here in Beverly Hills. I wanted to share the experience of one of my very pretty patients, Kathryn, who underwent a nose job. I think when I was growing up, I was always a bit unsure about my nose, as I had always imagined. My nose bridge was a bit deep.

Kathryn has an extremely pretty face, but her nose is affecting her overall picture at the moment the width and the missing length in her nose. It took a while for her to find an aesthetically pleasing doctor. When she talked to me, she said that she wanted to do some things aesthetically to improve the appearance of her nose and ultimately improve her overall appearance.

He really listened to my misgivings and he thought I just thought he understood everything I wanted the nose bridge to be enlarged or the back to be built out of the procedure, with the tip of the nose slightly protruding and elongated while the tip of the nose is refined and becomes more defined and also narrows the nostrils and reduces the flare and the entire width of the nostrils the day before surgery.

I’m definitely a little nervous, but it took a long time and I can hardly wait for the results when I underwent surgery. I was nervous, but Dr. Yoo was very reassuring that he had an excellent bedside style. All answered all my questions.

Asian Rhinoplasty Asian Nose Job -
Asian Rhinoplasty Asian Nose Job –

Everyone was very responsive to my needs. As a patient, I felt very comfortable in the procedure. I felt the best approach would be an open approach, an incision in the nasal floor to fully expose her nasal data, and the use of rib cartilage and fascia to reinforce her nose and structure her to give it shape she was looking for.

Catherine is looking for a pretty significant change in terms of height and refinement she wants to have a nose that hops her other facial features. Catherine was operated on three and a half months ago and her recovery was initially very good.

Mice have made progress, it’s gotten better and me Love my new nose and can wear sunglasses without it sliding over my face, so I am happy and overall I am satisfied with the experience at the beginning was her nose swollen, which is normal and due to the swelling, the tip was a little bit behind directed upwards and the bridge outrageously higher than the result, but in these three and a half months, the nose has set and the bridges have become a swollen, natural-looking height and definition and the tip has turned in opposite directions or has come down and stands out slightly to her to give a very balanced appearance.

He knows I hope you enjoyed Catherine’s Asian nose job experience, if you have more questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment and I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. In my opinion this nose looks too drastic and doesnt harmonize with the rest of her asian features. at the first glance, it is a beautiful nose. The more u look at it, the more done it is looking . Sorry but I have to warn Asians who really wanna get their nose done like this.


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