Blepharoplasty Recovery


Blepharoplasty Recovery

I am here today to talk about Blepharoplasty Recovery from cosmetic eyelid surgery. What is the normal recovery after cosmetic eyelid surgery? This is a rather complicated question since recovery depends on several factors. First, it depends on how much has been done if someone gets a blepharoplasty, or just removing the eyelid’s skin, where someone gets a ptosis repair that actually elevates the eyelid to a higher position, or both, which one can make a big difference in how much bruising and swelling they have and how long. The tendency will recover The more surgery you have on your eyelids, the longer your recovery will take.

So let’s go through some simple cosmetic procedures and the average recovery time for patients. For most blepharoplasty, the recovery time for the upper eyelid is about two weeks for the lower one. Recovery of the eyelids takes about 15 or 16 days a little longer.

I tell the patient that this is a bell curve, everyone is a little bit different Some people now need a longer time, which depends on each patient’s age, health status, and many other factors. If bleeding occurs during the operation, further bruising around the eyes and cheek may occur. It will take a while for some patients to disappear. It can even take four to six weeks.

Blepharoplasty Recovery -
Blepharoplasty Recovery –

The good news is that patients can cover up the bruises so that they are no longer visible after a week or two. Swelling of the eyelid as it fades away the eyelids usually return to what patients and their friends consider normal within about two weeks stop after being told I had surgery on patients and they told me afterward. I recovered after three to four days, and I feel that my puffiness has disappeared, and I explained to him that you happen to be much faster healing of this bell curve. So, if I were a blepharoplasty patient, I would consider two weeks.

The window for my recovery during this time, in which I want to rest, I sit and do essentially nothing, for more bruising or swelling to cause on the eyelids. Two weeks should give the patient enough time to cover up and return to work. I hope this has been helpful and gives you guidance on what to expect after eyelid surgery.


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