Blepharoplasty Review


Blepharoplasty Review

I had upper eyelid surgery about 6 weeks ago, and I was a very nervous patient I had a real phobia. I do have a phobia of needles. It was done at the Hammersmith Clinic on a kind of a procedure that took an hour and a half. Before the surgery actually happened, the anaesthetist came up. He was a very kind of sympathetic man, you know really kind of caring. He was explaining what, what drugs he was gonna give and if it wasn’t you know he would be there by my side you know if I needed more sedation or more drugs.

So we went and had obviously went and had the procedure you know and he’s you know kind of put a little, whatever it’s called a can, what’s it, what’s that thing called that you put in the, you know anyway the needle in the, in the arm.

It was a really, I wouldn’t say it was a lovely procedure, but it was the thought of the anaesthetist and the sedation was a lot worse than the actual reality of it. After the procedure, I mean I, I do kind of recall I was told oh no you won’t remember anything.

It will just be like being asleep, but in fact I did remember and you know he was, you know, I remember I recall our conversation and then I don’t recall anything.

Blepharoplasty Review - Testimonial
Blepharoplasty Review – Testimonial

So, after the procedure he was, you know, kind of there and he’s all holding your hand and sympathetic, left and he had a follow-up call that evening saying you know, “How is it going?” and all of that and that’s my experience of the sedation. Before I had eyelid surgery, I had to haul up my top eyelids to pluck my eyebrows they’d be literally hanging on the top of my cheeks.

Now, I can see, I can see. Look at my eyes, they’re all big and gorgeous and it’s one of the best things I’ve done in my life.


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