Brow Lift: An Overview


Brow Lift: An Overview

We’re talking about surgeries to improve your eyebrows. One of the problems is that their eyebrow position is low and this causes heaviness in the upper eyelid area.

Patients often perceive that what they need to improve is blepharoplasty. After a careful explanation, however, it is clear that they would benefit. Lift the eyebrow out of the eye. As a result, the eye is opened and brighter and brighter. This process is called a brewing lift.

There are several ways that we can perform this surgery as we most often do it. A so-called trans blepharoplasty brow lift. The trans blepharoplasty brow lift is done via a single incision in the upper eyelid, while in the upper blepharoplasty the brow tissue. A small device is used to maintain a better position of your eyebrow. This raises the eyebrows up and out of the eye for a brighter and brighter look. This is a procedure that we perform with you under general anesthesia. Most patients can also go home the same day or stay overnight and go home the next morning.

Brow Lift: An Overview -
Brow Lift: An Overview –
The recovery time is slightly longer than that for upper blepharoplasty alone, but it is quite acceptable, and most patients recover from their normal activities within about a week to ten days. I mean, we raise our eyebrows and then hold them up at the sharp prongs a bit like a carpet clip, which means that the entertaining advice is receptive.

It disappears within about six months. Some patients feel it and occasionally it is visible for up to six months while it is being absorbed. The position of your forehead will be maintained after this time by the healing process. S The other methods of eye brow lift are an open eye brow lift or a conventional eye brow lift.

In the endoscopic method, called the keyhole method, three or five small incisions are made in the hairline so that they remain hidden in the future. Again, we typically use an endo-binder to maintain the lift. The benefit of having a blepharoplasty brow lift is that it improves the position of your eyebrow and upper eyelid at the same time with a single operation


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