Browlift Surgery Philadelphia


Browlift Surgery Philadelphia, Browlifting come in a variety of techniques. There is minimally invasive browlifting, such as the endoscopic browlift. There is also things called direct browlifting and non-direct or indirect browlifting. The way we decide on who’s is a good candidate for a browlift is first by evaluating the face.

One of the first things that we notice as a patient starts to age is ptosis or dropping of the brow. When that happens, you can get redundancy of the upper eyelid skin, an angry or a tired look. Browlifting helps reduce the symptoms and the signs of this ptotic, or dropping brow.

The way we perform the browlift is either endoscopically or through a direct surgical technique. The endoscopic browlift is done with virtually no incisions that can be seen. The incisions are up here in the hairline, or along the lateral aspect of the hairline. They are hidden and nobody can see them.

The way we perform a browlift is preoperatively we would have discussed on how much elevation the brow would need, and that simply is how much of the brow would be elevated and to what height. We don’t want to make it unnatural looking. Once we’ve decided that, we would proceed to the operating room where the browlift would take place. The browlift can be done as I mentioned a number of different ways. The endoscopic browlift is done with very small incisions in the hairline, and so nothing on the face to be seen.

Browlift Surgery Philadelphia
Browlift Surgery Philadelphia

When the brow is elevated, usually a half a centimeter to a full centimeter, it really does restore a youthful and healthy look. Approximately seven to ten days after the browlift, all the sutures would be removed, and then you’re back to normal life shortly thereafter. Often we’re asked how long a browlift would last, and I can tell you that it should last a lifetime. Now does that mean that you’ll never need a touch-up? No. What that means is you’ll always be better off for having done the browlift than if you hadn’t done the browlift.

What we’re doing is sort of setting back the clock a little bit and putting the brow to where it was years ago, so will the brow naturally drop? Sure. Time and gravity still take effect even after we do surgery, but you’ll always be better off for having done the browlift. The other question we’re often asked is how long should I wait before getting a browlift, or what’s too early to get it?


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