Browlift vs Eyelid Surgery


Browlift vs Eyelid Surgery, We that eyebrows that are low or sagging can be easily compensated by upper eyelid surgery, and the answer is no. This is something I go over alot with patients.

The fact is that if the eyebrows are low, the only way to correct their position is to raise them up. and doing that requires a brow lift of some sort to raise up the eyebrows in that area.

If you do have excess skin, you can remove that and it will help the appearance of the upper eyelid but it will not change the position of the eyebrow.

Something that plastic surgeons have struggled with a lot is if there is any way to move the eyebrow through eyelid surgery without involving a browlfit and basically the answer is no.

Browlift vs Eyelid Surgery
Browlift vs Eyelid Surgery

If your eyebrows are low, they need to be lifted through a browlift or a forehead lift. Any many times this can correct a certain amount of the appearance of the upper eyelids. but the reverse is not true.


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