Bruising Effects from Face Lift Surgery

Bruising Effects from Face Lift Surgery, How much does one bruise from the procedure? Well, again depends on the patient’s propensity to bruise in the first place.

Whether they’ve had any medication before the surgery like Motrin, ibuprofen or aspirin, or alcohol which might make the blood a little thinner.

It also depends on how extensive the dissection the surgeon uses.

I typically use a limited dissection to reduce swelling and bruising and risk from surgery. Other surgeons sometimes dissect the skin from the ear all the way to the corner of the mouth, and that can lead to more swelling and bruising and also more risk to the nerves around the mouth.

Bruising Effects from Face Lift Surgery

If liposuction is done with the face lift to remove excess fatty tissue under the chin those patients as well tend to have a bit more bruising than patients that have the classical face lift.

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