Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This cookie policy applies to cookies that we use when you visit the main Stanford University Web site ( and other Web sites that we own or control and link to or refer to this cookie policy (collectively the "Web Sites ").

This cookie policy gives you more information about cookies, what types of cookies we use and how we use them. Our websites use cookies to provide you with a user experience that is tailored to your needs, while at the same time improving the design and functionality of our websites. Cookies can be customized or disabled. This guideline contains instructions for doing so.


A cookie is a file that contains a small amount of user and website information stored on a user's computer. The file interacts with the user and the website to provide a web page that is tailored to the user, as the information contained in the file is known. Cookies may also transfer all or part of the information stored in the file to other websites that the user may visit, or to third-party websites.

Types of cookies
A third-party cookie is placed from a different domain than the one visited by the user.

A session cookie is temporary and links the actions of a user during a particular browser session. When the browser is closed, the cookie is deleted.

A persistent cookie, also known as a persistent cookie, is stored for a period of time and is activated each time the user visits the site on which the cookie was created.

Our use of cookies
We use third-party cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies and similar technologies to collect aggregated (non-personal) information about how our websites are used by all our visitors and to help us save you and your preferences when you re-visit the Websites , These cookies may remain stored in your browser in the future until they expire or you delete them. We also use technology to save you the next time you log in. Some of these cookies are deleted when you close your browser window, others persist for a certain period of time. For more general information about cookies and how they work, visit

We may permit selected third parties to place cookies on the Websites to give us better insight into the use of the Websites or demographic data of users, or to provide relevant advertising to you. These third parties may collect information about a user's online activity over time and on various websites when using our websites.

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