Cosmeceutical Skin Care, Sun Protection and Beauty Tips


Cosmeceutical Skin Care, Sun Protection and Beauty Tips

I want to talk to you about beauty and how to beautify yourself and also the right questions to ask when you see a professional about it, because sometimes when you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror and you go, oh my God, I’ve aged overnight, and this can actually happen when you peri-menopausal from 40 onwards about 10 years before menopause starts. First of all, we want to look at the structure of your face. It’s very easy to focus on a small area, like a tiny wrinkle here and sometimes my clients come and go, look here, look here, and then I say, “I can’t see anything, but I can tell you what you need to focus on.” Because firstly you want to look at the proportion and the shape of your face. An oval face is desirable.

That’s sort of the universal desired look and there are ways to achieve that especially as we age, this part starts to go south and you get a bit more jowly. There are ways to actually lift it up by lifting up the cheeks like this, pulling it back, and then getting the proportions right. Then, after looking at the shape of the face, we look at proportions because this part here ideally should be about the same distance apart as from the nose to the chin, and in certain culture likes the Chinese always love a longer more pointed chin, they fill it up here because it actually attracts wealth according to Chinese saying, and it’s also nice to have a more defined chin.

Then we look at the symmetry of the face. If you look at yourself carefully in the mirror, not many faces are actually symmetrical. Most faces are a-symmetrical and then you got to find out the reason why. Often you can see that one side of the jaw line is actually a bit more depressed than the other or a bit more bulgy, so maybe your are bruxing at night and as you grinding your teeth maybe you are stressed. In fact one of my clients said that her daughter pointed out that when she was driving along, she was just clenching her the teeth and that was the only time she was clinching her teeth. Be aware of that. Maybe some of your teeth are missing, not a good idea.

Try and fix it up because the whole gum area can start getting a bit recessed. One of the most important things to look out for is the sun. It really damages your skin and causes a whole aging process to accelerate. You need to wear sunscreen all the time even on a wintry cloudy day because 70% of sunlight is reflected. Even though you wear wide brimmed hat, you are going to get sun rays coming up from around you affecting your skin.

Cosmeceutical Skin Care, Sun Protection and Beauty Tips
Cosmeceutical Skin Care, Sun Protection and Beauty Tips

There are two types of sunscreens. There is the physical and the there is the chemical one and the physical one is like a block out, a shield to protect you against the UV and UVB of the sun. There is a zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and zinc oxide doesn’t cause as much allergies as titanium dioxide might and a concentration of like 18% or more is usually SPF30 plus and that’s what you need to use. Now, I’ve got a really got sheer one. Put that on everyday, men esspecially because you need to start looking after your skin.

This is the number one. Number two, Vitamin C during the day will actually help to not only keep the doctor away but it will also help to strengthen the connective tissue. Also Vitamin A at night, Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate, they help to refine the skin and exfoliate and it create more collagen as well. Very easy. Cleanser, moisturize during the day. Cleanser, and a bit of Vitamin A at night and if you really want to get rid of pigmentation as well.

Sunscreen is really important but there are a lots of peptides, the tiny proteins that can actually stop melanin from being produced. You can use peptides during the day and night too to actually get a very even flawless complexion. Cosmeceutical Skin Care, Sun Protection and Beauty Tips


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