Defining an Asian Nose With a Rhinoplasty


Defining an Asian Nose With a Rhinoplasty

I’m a plastic facial surgeon from Beverly Hills who specializes in nose surgery, and today I wanted to take the time to answer some of these pink questions. We’re getting a lot of questions every week, whether it’s blogs, websites and this question comes from Wendy a Vietnamese young woman who lives in costa mesa California she goes Dr. Nassif.

I do to make my point stand out and make it more defined? I also want to lower the tip of my nose so that its tip is basically turned back excessively and probably why so many, that’s a great question and pretty much with this it’s an ethnic nose job, which we first have to see what we usually do with the tip cartilage in Asians or Vietnamese.

These skins are very thick from the top and the cartilage is really not that strong and it does not have much self when we do cartilage work, the nose will sometimes look worse the more colors you remove as you lose grip and the nose looks more amorphous or you need to start adding cartilage, sometimes just projecting the tip and a deeper part into the stitch or trying to twist or extend the tip.

We use a garment called a septum extension, which is applied to the existing septum to lengthen. Along with the simple extension graft we add, we allow it to protrude a little lower and give it more protrusion and length in the nose.

Defining an Asian Nose With a Rhinoplasty -
Defining an Asian Nose With a Rhinoplasty –
Sometimes we also take the courage here and we do it for longer, called lateral crural strut grafts that push the tip farther out and it gives us the ability to downsize the tip.

Sometimes we take a so-called shield graft that is a piece of cartilage on top or we call a dome graft as something that lies exactly in that area to sharpen that part of the knot, so the different types of graft that we have nose, are different, and each depends on when I find them during surgery, so we have a lot of things in our surgical armory that basically serves to fix them, but a big misunderstanding, the more colors you take from the nose, the worse they still look.


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