Eyelid Lift Surgery: Is it safe and how is it performed?


Eyelid Lift Surgery: Is it safe and how is it performed? People ask for eyelid lifts when they have eye bags. The interesting thing is that eye bags can be an excess of skin, an excess of muscle or muscle thickness, or an excess of fat pushing in to the lower eyelid.

Those tissues can be rebalanced to provide a really lovely contour between the lower eyelid and the cheek. Or indeed, some people request eyelid lifts if they have a sunken lower lid with a shadow of tiredness or aging. All of these groups of people will benefit from an eyelid lift. Eye bags surgery is extremely safe in experienced hands.

The aim is to provide a contour benefit between the lower eyelid and the cheek and the risk is to damage the support structures of the lower lid so that the lower lid droops away from the eyeball and fails to protect it by maintaining the tear film.

That is called an eyelid malposition. If that happens, it can be repaired but the aim is with experienced assessment and surgery to avoid that problem. Eyelid lift surgery is performed under twilight anaesthesia usually as a day case procedure.

Eyelid Lift Surgery
Eyelid Lift Surgery

This involves being sedated by the expert anaesthetist and being prepared for surgery to rebalance the tissues of the lower lid.

The scar is usually hidden under the eyelash line or indeed behind the lower lid so that it’s not seen at all. Through these roots, we can rebalance the relationship of the skin, the fat and the muscle to provide an aesthetic contour in the lower lid and between the lower lid and cheek.

Eyelid Lift Surgery Is it safe and how is it performed
Eyelid Lift Surgery Is it safe and how is it performed

I’m often asked to provide eyelid life surgery in combination with facial procedures. In fact, this is a very common request and can be entirely safe. The procedure is usually done as day case procedure under twilight anaesthesia. The recovery can be swift and the bruising minimal.

The aim with such combination procedures is to provide a good aesthetic balance, a refreshed appearance between the lids, the face, and the neck, and oftentimes, including the brow and upper lid also.


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