Eyelid Lift


Eyelid Lift

We begin to hang excess skin or the upper eyelids, and blepharoplasty is an operation called eyelid tightening or eyebrow removal. Sometimes, a little muscle and fat tissue are removed to rejuvenate the facial area.

Sometimes an eyebrow will need eyelids and the obstruction of the field of view will make plastic surgery a very safe procedure. It is a daycare. Sager, you have surgery and go home the same day the surgeon marks the lines around your eyes.

This is the most technical aspect of the procedure, as it defines how much skin is removed at the point where the eyelid was repositioned after the cutting lines were created. The surgeon will then proceed to specify the location. Anesthetic Injection into the Operating Area The surgeon will make the skin incisions and remove the underlying fat from the corresponding oil skin.

Eyelid Lift - plasticsurgerystore.com
Eyelid Lift – plasticsurgerystore.com

Subsequently, the skin is repositioned to achieve the correct ethical results. The surgeon will also make sure that the eyelid continues to function as a protective part of the eye, the surgeon will ensure that there is no bleeding in the tissue after completing the surgery. At the end of the operation, he will apply a small amount of an antibiotic skin wound to protect the tissue.

Most people get bruising and swelling after a blepharoplasty operation, and then it settles for up to two weeks during the week. The plus operation works so that, on the one hand, we can restore someone’s field of vision. We can restore the nonsense and give the patient the certainty that he is sometimes lucky.

Eyelid Lift – plasticsurgerystore.com


  1. 49 yrs old, I have circles under my eyes and upper bags weighing down my eyes so I look tired or stoned even though I’m rested and in good spirits. Where would I start.


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