Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty Surgery Post Operative Care


Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty Surgery Post Operative Care

From Dr. Cory Mawson looks the best and we wanted to take a few minutes today to talk a bit about postoperative eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is also referred to as blepharoplasty Keeping the eye moist and helping Bianca, one of our nurses or capable nurses, to demonstrate a few things we can do.

The most important thing for patients, however, is to keep the eye moist. After eyelid surgery, the lid itself is critically swollen and the eyelid works like a windshield wiper on the car. It’s there to lay a nice, even layer of tear film over the surface of the cornea, which is the most colored part of the eye, if you look at the pupil and the cornea submitted by the IRS, if it dries or if the eyelids are swollen dry, because the cornea does not have a nice uniform tear film layer.

It’s like having a bad windshield wiper, you see some kind of spotty water over the windshield t makes it difficult to see through it and so the water with bad windshield wipers is not evenly distributed it’s the same principle with swollen eyelids that are not Laying Tear Film Beautiful Even Layer To Overcome That Patients Will Give Yours Drops You have eye drops in your eyes that you use as often as you like. In fact, you can not use too many eye drops based on saline. This usually gives you an ointment that you can apply to the eyes at night to keep it nice and clean moisturized, because you do not have much control over whether your eyes are open or closed during sleep, and that’s why we use the drops during the day a little paint-lube or natural water of tears at night, and that’s done.

I’ll just show you now that we can somehow zoom in, but that’s for the work, you for that right, so when we apply the ointment and I’ll pretend to take the ointment eyelid and I’ll get it If we can show it and enlarge it, I inject the ointment directly over the edge of my eyelid, and often I just look up at the patients, when you look up you can see that it is there There is a nice little room where you can inject it without having to put it in our own eye. Quite simply doing this in the mirror and looking up for a second and then flashing just a little bit of the eye and you’ll have a nice layer of Whiteman in it.

Eyelid Surgery Blepharoplasty Surgery Post Operative Care - plasticsurgerystore.com
Eyelid Surgery Blepharoplasty Surgery Post Operative Care – plasticsurgerystore.com

I will not do that for Bianca, it will make her eyelids look a little blurry, though it’s pretty easy to do the next thing we can. In addition to using drops in the ointment, we can make sure the eyelids are the best Chance to reduce swelling. After eyelid surgery, there are several ways to reduce the swelling. One of them is obviously ice cream, so we have patience As much as they can hold some ice cream, there are a few little clues or tricks that we use. One of them is to put corn or peas that are in the freezer into a small zippered bag that can be placed very safely on the eyes, and you can take a nap that does not get too cold.

It will not cause any problems. Another little trick is to take a sip-lock bag or even one of the gloves that we can give you. The disposable gloves are filled with crushed ice and then put your fingers over the eyes so that the two are very good eye cooling strategies, if you will, and they reduce the swelling. Later, patients will do our eye exercises, so my exercises are quite simple, and the patient really opens his eyes wide and then squeezes them together, they really tightly close an account of one and then open and close and I’ll let people do that if you only repeat that for a few seconds.

Open really wide closed really tight open really wide closed really tight and if you do that a couple of times a day for about five minutes really help to regain the muscle activity in the upper eyelid, which is disturbed after the operation, and to regain the muscle to tighten as well as to pump the eyelids and swell the eyelid out there so again to eyelid thresholds two main features are icing the eyes as much as we can or keep cool and then the other is of course the eye exercises very simple open and close really tight from one at the end of the excursion is open and closed.

The last thing I do not like to say about eyelid surgery is that everyone has some degree of eye irritation and the better the patient looks after his eyes in the immediate postoperative period, with what we do. We’ve talked about freezing your eyes by keeping them moist with eyedrops and eye lotion, and finally at night, when you can sleep with your head slightly raised, or if you have three or four pillows underneath to hold your head up This is a much more effective method to reduce the swelling and after your eyes have felt well after blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, it is hopefully helpful that everyone will feel their eyes well when someone has a question. Our mobile phone number you can call is available 24/7. Do not hesitate and call it in any follow-up documentation.


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