Eyelid Surgery – Upper and Lower Eyelids


Eyelid Surgery – Upper and Lower Eyelids, Eyelid surgery is also known as a blepharoplasty and it can involve just the upper eyelids, it can involve just the lower eyelids, or it can involve doing both. The primary goal of upper eyelid surgery is to remove mostly extra skin and a little bit of fat.

The goal is just the reverse on the lowers. It’s mostly the “puffys”, the eyebags, the puffiness that’s present in the lower lids that is created from herniated fat.

The secondary goal on the lower lids is to tighten up a conservative amount of lower lid skin if there’s excess. Most patients undergo both upper and lower eyelid procedures in combination.

However, some patients really don’t have any bags in their lower lids and they just have lots of hoods on their upper lids so we’ll only do upper eyelid surgery. And some patients have only bags, maybe they’re hereditary eye bags and we’ll only do the lower lids.

Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid Surgery

It’s really patient’s discretion. Other friends tell them that they look more well rested because they know something’s different but they just can’t put a finger on exactly what the change is.

Eyelid Surgery - Upper and Lower Eyelids
Eyelid Surgery – Upper and Lower Eyelids

But they all get nice compliments such as “You look well rested. You look like you’ve been on vacation.” or is it some new makeup or hairdo… If you’re interested in a consultation please see our website at SeattleFacial.com


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