Face Lift & Neck Lift Surgery : Definition of a Neck Lift

Hi, I am doctor Michael Walker from Hill Country Plastic Surgery Center and on behalf of Expert Village will talking about face lifts and neck lifts today. I might comment a little about neck lifts.

There has been some new technology in neck lifts recently where patients are not so much concerned about their cheek and jaws, they are just concerned about the neck tissues that is loose the floppy.

In men, there is a special procedure that I call the turkey waddle procedure. The medical term is the W-plasty and what we do is that we grab the skin in the front and we pull it forward and excise it and that is going to leave a scare in the front.

Face Lift & Neck Lift Surgery Definition of a Neck Lift
Face Lift & Neck Lift Surgery Definition of a Neck Lift

That scar has to be some way minimized or hidden. What we do that scar is that we make it zigzag like the teeth on a crocodile like a W. What that does, is it spread the tension out parallel to the wrinkle line in the front of the neck so that it doesn’t scar as badly and also it makes it less visible to the naked eye because the brain picks up straight line scars very easily but if you break up a line into a zigzag pattern which is a camouflage technique, the brain doesn’t register the scar as easily in the conscience mind as a straight scar. So, we use the zigzag pattern to hide the scar.

Men have thicker skin than women so the scar is not usually as noticeable. It is not a technique I use very commonly in women unless they are not concerned about the scar.


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