First Face Transplant: The Surgery


First Face Transplant : The Surgery

I call and collect 24 hours ago when I was called the first time and hopped off the walls. Andy Saneness, this is the event he has been dreaming of for years and a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals has been dreaming of for years. Specialists have been intensively involved in the research and preparation of transplants to facilitate a face transplant. This is a combination of so many other procedures that we performed eyelid surgery and jaw surgery at the time of the transplantation, which was operated on by nine surgeons. 40 surgical staff scrub nurses circulating perfusionists, etc. It is extremely exciting, and even more so when we performed our first patient, it was a very growing experience to see so many different disciplines coming together that I was in big cities and you know that Whittle Town has this drowsy vacuum here.

You know that this was a homecoming. The goal is to help people like Andy, a 32-year-old oilfield worker from Wyoming, whose serious injuries required more than conventional plastic surgery and reconstruction, and the fight actually began as a fight against depression and a regrettable attempt to commit suicide with a high-performance rifle to take. You know what excuse, but nothing is the wrong choice, and now it’s me. I’ve paid for it for the rest of my life ten years after this fateful act, but Andy had the rare opportunity that only a few dozen face transplant ‘s were ever attempted and perhaps not as intricately challenging as this, which affected virtually every tissue under Andy’s eyes.

The entire lower face, including the nose, the jawbone, his eye, the moving body, the skin in front of the ear to the chin, and the teeth that Led team, was the plastic surgeon Dr. Samir Martini, an expert on craniofacial and microsurgery and ahead transplant surgeon at the Amidala Lobate Center for Reconstructive Transplantation at the M.C, describes the operation as a series of highly complex, inter-related procedures among the most critical, meticulous mapping and preservation techniques for both Andy and the donor are nervous because we include all the functions of mouth tightening to lower depression,

Dr. Martini says there are literally thousands of such steps to co-ordinate with medical model engineers who, in both planning and performing with this technology of 3D modeling printing, have been instrumental in making virtual surgical planning extremely unofficial The bones that would give us the exact position of the cut and the exact angle of the cut. If we put the face of the donor on the receiver, this fits perfectly.

First Face Transplant: The Surgery -
First Face Transplant: The Surgery –

The donor of Face Transplant The donor is a solid organ donor and you do not want to do anything that compromises the ability to hurt the liver and kidney heart for a long time. Ultimately, the face grafting alone would require a 56-hour surgical marathon to complete this year’s operation, three weeks after the healing, and I got his first glimpse into a mirror that was still recovering and unable to speak clearly, and His first impressions on a notepad far exceeded my fiction here in the hall. A student is the seal birch bark birch bark. It is clear that one day the success does not depend only on the firm hand of the surgeons I have cooked. The peas are cooked. These are huge. There are speech therapists and counselors, as well as the lifelong intake of medication and the monitoring needed to prevent rejection.

Therefore, the male team had to be sure that Andy fully understood the risk and is fully committed to the intense medical evaluation of the recipient of kidney transplantation or kidney transplantation, Anchorage Council on conception, to make Andy as natural as possible after a few months of healing To give the appearance. Dr. Madani performed an additional surgery to refine his appearance, accelerate the regeneration of sensory nerves through his cheeks, and improve his tongue function. I just had to live off the result, as Andy says there is no doubt that his long road to recovery was definitely working. I feel like a normal person running around chopping them all down.


  1. What a blessing it is to have the donor, the donor family, the researchers, the transplant team and all the therapists who worked with this young man. Wonderful.


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