Getting a Rhinoplasty – Is Nose Surgery Right for me?

Rhinoplasty is a procedure to improve the appearance of the nose. It can be for functional reasons as well – it can improve the nasal air flow – but most of the time, rhinoplasty is to improve the look of the nose.

It can be a surgical procedure but also a medical procedure with injectables, which are temporary, but it definitely can give a good benefit. Surgical rhinoplasty obviously would be long-lasting, for life, and the most important thing is to tailor that procedure to the patient – no ‘one size fits all’.

It makes people more confident if the nose looks better. Patients that have had an issue with the appearance of the nose, most of them for many years, really lack in self-confidence, so the aesthetic improvement of the appearance of the nose makes them really want to feel that they’ve done the right thing.

Getting a Rhinoplasty - Is Nose Surgery Right for me
Getting a Rhinoplasty – Is Nose Surgery Right for me

The aesthetic improvement is important but so is the function of the nose in that having a blocked nose can be very dehabilitating to someone’s life, The benefit can be both functional and aesthetic. No procedure – nothing in life in fact, is risk free. The risks are very much dependent on what the treatment is, what the procedure is.

There are some risks which are inherent to having an operation, but specific risks these days are quite rare. There can be a little bit of bleeding – obviously there is the downtime of a surgical procedure, with bruising and puffiness of the face and of the nose, but it’s a safe operation in the right hands.


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