How a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty is Achieved


How a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty is Achieved

The process for a rhinoplasty procedure is when first consultation with a patient, when I take a picture of the face and the nose especially, and the second consultation when I can draw the new nose. I prefer to do this kind of method without using any software and computer. I prefer to use my hand to draw the new nose.

This way, I can show to the patient the result she can achieve and I can show to the patient which kind of nose is most natural for her or him because you have to respect the proportion of the face and the proportion in a vertical way, vertical sense because the nose has to be one-third of the face, one-third for the forehead, another third for the nose and another third for the lower face. And on horizontal sense because the width of the nose on the base has to be more or less the same than the distance between the eyes. When I draw the nose, I can show to the patient the best result, you can see the result before.

The best way to achieve the natural look result is to study before the operation very well the proportion of the face. The first consultation is the most important because I have to know exactly which kind of result the patient can achieve and which kind of nose is perfect on the patient’s face.

The best compliment for the surgeon at the end of the operation is when the patient said, my nose looks as I was born. I’m more elegant with this nose. This is the best result. It doesn’t exist, a nose for every face. The nose has to match with the face of this patient. The surgeon has to put the maximum effort to find the right nose for every patient.

How a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty is Achieved
How a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty is Achieved

The rhinoplasty procedure takes time between one hour to two hours. It depends which kind of operation I’m going to do. If the problem is only on the external portion of the nose, so the operation is only for the aesthetic reason then the operation will take less time. Sometimes the surgeon has to fix also the functional problem. You have to work also on the septum turbinate and you have to work to improve the breathing. The patient can see the final result after rhinoplasty in an average time of one year.

It depends if the rhinoplasty is the primary rhinoplasty that means that the nose never been touched or sometimes you have to do the operation on the nose that already had another rhinoplasty, or more than one. The rhinoplasty is a very complex operation. Sometimes you have to use a lot of different methods, graft from here, graft from the costal ribs, graft from another part of the body. In this special case, the recovery time can be longer. How a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty is Achieved


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