How can fat transfer rejuvenate the face?


How can fat transfer rejuvenate the face? We age our skin and tissues in the face lose the ability to regenerate. Therefore, we use natural methods to fight those signs of ageing. The fat cells, which we all have, also contain stem cells and when we harvest them and inject them, they replace the lost volume in our face and they also keep regenerating skin, muscles and bones and part of this is because stem cells in the fat, they keep replicating, so, they maintain new cells and also, they differentiate into the tissues which we need in the face.

Those are fat, bone, cartilage, muscle. In addition, they keep producing growth factors, which are released on the sites of the injections and those growth factors decrease inflammation of the tissue and also reduce the natural cell death. So, as we age, we are losing tissue in our face, we are losing bone, cartilage and muscle, but especially fat.

Fat is organised in our face into little pads which are placed all over our face and as we get older, our face start looking like a deflated balloon. So, in order to replace this volume loss, we would use as fat transfer from our own body; usually it’s abdomen.

How can fat transfer rejuvenate the face
How can fat transfer rejuvenate the face

That’s the one way how we can use those fat cells to replace the volume loss, but also if you break down the fat cells, we get a lot of growth factors which contains within those fat cells and if we inject them on the skin surface, we can improve skin wrinkles and skin texture. Normally, patients would see dermatologists and get all other sorts of treatments.

This requires also patient commitment, while by using our own fat, we can use only few sessions and results are permanent. So, we all have at least a little bit of fat and we can usually do this procedure on the site, on the day of patient’s visit. We would usually try to extract fat from the belly or sometimes we use inner thighs or in men, we can search the fat on the back or on the back of the hand.

face lift
face lift

Theoretically, results are permanent. Now, patients need probably two or three sessions and that’s because on the first injection.¬†We need to repeat this process on a monthly basis, probably two or three times.

It depends on the age of the person and on the severity of signs of ageing, but once we achieve desirable results then that’s permanent and not only permanent, as stem cell start to replicate and produce new tissue, we theoretically can reverse the ageing and even stop it, which is very new way of thinking.


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