How Does Immunotherapy Work?


Immunotherapy as opposed to chemotherapy or targeted therapy works in a way that the drug we’re administering to patients, the immunotherapy manipulates in a way your own immune system to recognise cancer cells and therefore fight the cancer cells.

This is different to the classical chemotherapy you may have heard about where effectively a poison is given intravenously or put a tablet into your system which effectively in a non-targetable way destroys all fast-growing tissue including your gastrointestinal system.

You may get mouth ulcers, diarrhoea, your bone marrow, you may have low white cells, you may have risk of infection, immunotherapy works differently.

As I said, it stimulates your t-cells, your immune system and other parts to recognise cancer cells and that way– it’s actually your immune system targeting the cancers and we only help with immune therapy to get this immune system stronger, better in recognising cancer proteins and fight cancer.

How Does Immunotherapy Work
How Does Immunotherapy Work


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