How Successful is Immunotherapy?


Really over the last 10 years learned how immunotherapy works by giving single agent drugs and they have been successful in a variety of different cancers really from lung, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, melanoma and others many more.

What we now learn is that actually we adding more drugs through clinical trials and testing more drugs and to get a longer and even better response of immunotherapy.

It’s not first time and we hear this at our big international meetings that we see two or even three drugs of immunotherapies combined, targeting different aspects of the immune response and we’re getting better responses and better outcome in terms of survival.

I think the ultimate game changer will be where we personalise the immune system of each individual patient, take the good immune cells out into a petri dish, make them stronger, better, reinfuse those into patients and let effectively your own immune system without being manipulated by immunotherapies work and fight cancer cells.

How Successful is Immunotherapy
How Successful is Immunotherapy

This is kind of the next step. We do this here at Sarah Cannon through our Tilt therapy or cellular therapy programme including CAR T-cells and this is effectively through clinical trials at the moment, but when you ask me about the future: the next step, the big breakthrough of getting better outcomes for patients using your own immune system.


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