How to reduce swelling lumps bumps after liposuction


How to reduce swelling lumps bumps after liposuction

The most important question I get from my clients and potential new customers is what I do with lumps and fibrosis bumps after liposuction helps. I have lumps what I can do to get rid of them so I’ll show you some things I show my clients and give my clients in my studio here in San Diego. My name is Kathleen. Listen to. I am a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and Certified Massage Therapist. I’m the author of the Plastic Surgery Restore Guide Five, it’s all about lumps and fibrosis. So let’s take a look at some of the tips that I share in this book, and I’ll show you the things I give my clients.

The first thing I want to do is find out what your compression is such that I usually want people to follow a similar recipe. We start next to the skin with the tank top and then put some liposuction foam on the tank top.

This is a phone I store in the office and if my client does not have liposuction foam I’ll give them a leaf, we’ll go over here if they did not have a tummy tuck if they did not have a scar if they just had liposuction we’ll see if a billboard will help, so I have a This will help you stand up and take a nice, straight stance that reduces some of the lumpy areas, if you tend to have lumps, and if they swell up in the back, there are a few different sizes of lumbar boars, now that I’ve heard from customers that they are not particularly comfortable to wear, but the swelling and the deep back are really the hardest there is. So I’ve also seen a smaller piece of lipo foam is a rectangular piece of lipo-foam. It comes in a package with two pieces. These are good. If you swell a bit on the flanks and need a little more foam, you can also cut off this regular foam with scissors to whatever you want it to fit, if there is fibrosis, I use the same technique that I use in learned the class that I graduated as a certified lymphedema therapist.

This is from Medi. It’s a company that sells medical lymphoedema products When we put this on the skin and then right where the fibrosis is, the spots make a small depression in the skin. If the customer moves during the day, he will give a small massage if we need something more. Serious help. This is a pad that comes from jokes. It is called Jovi-Pack. It’s pit-pack. So there are real cherry pits, so it’s very, very hard. This compression can really make a difference in severe fibrosis. This method has been specially developed for people with lymphoedema who suffer from fibrosis.

How to reduce swelling lumps bumps after liposuction -
How to reduce swelling lumps bumps after liposuction –

That is why I use these instruments because they are available for my training as a lymphoedema therapist and I put them into practice after plastic surgery. If you come to a massage with me, we will do some deeper techniques to relieve the fibrosis. I also use cupping. So this is not traditional Chinese cupping that leaves a red mark on the skin. This is more of lymphatic cupping We use the negative compression and certain types of movements to reduce the scar tissue, and something else that also reduces the scar tissue is the instrument-assisted mobilization of soft tissue. I use the techniques that I use in this Have learned class and are mainly used in athletes to reduce scar tissue.

We can also reduce scar tissue and fibrosis in patients undergoing plastic surgery Ery and then has only a little fibrosis and scar tissue. So in addition to what I always give my clients, this is the manual lymphatic drainage, the type of massage that I have learned in my class as a certified lymphedema therapist and that reduces the swelling of the body’s lymphatic system and then it happens that there is one it is very peaceful, it does not hurt at all and it finally heals urinating, it peels off a lot and so we know that the massage works and I have many clients coming here to massage themselves. You can barely pay me and have to go straight to the bathroom, which I always say the body says it worked. The tips I use for many of these things can be bought online if you can not see me. I would definitely recommend if you had liposuction – you always have foam under your compression garment and then what I would say is for the neckline. Start with a tank top. You can even get a compression tank top if you want a little more compression. bumps after liposuction

Then we add the foam. If you did not have a tummy tuck, if you did not have a tummy tuck you can add a billboard if you think you need one, and on the outside is the compression garment or a waist trainer over a compression garment. If we find this video helpful or believe it would definitely help someone else, you can reduce the postoperative slowdown by contacting your local lymphatic drainage therapist Do Manual Lymph Drainage Tag tags to some of your nurses if you know them, or get the link to this video and send it to them. I think the more we help each other, the more everyone can learn from each other, and we can recover very well from our illness. Thank you and have a nice day



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