How would you treat glaucoma?


At the consultation, we’ll go through a number of questions both around your eye health and your general health. We’ll do a number of tests and investigations.

If we find that you’re at risk of developing glaucoma or have any signs of glaucoma such as loss of sight or visual field defects, we’ll decide on a course of treatment tailored to you. Most of my patients take eye drops and are quite satisfied with this line of treatment.

However, if they don’t suit you or are not effective, we can try a type of laser called selective laser trabeculoplasty.

The other options for glaucoma treatment are minimally invasive glaucoma surgery or what we call the gold standard trabeculectomy. Whatever it is that you require, we’ll go through the pros and cons and get your treatment plan right for you.

How would you treat glaucoma
How would you treat glaucoma

The most important thing for me is that we maintain your sight and your quality of life and that you go on to enjoy all the things that you want to.


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