Instant FaceLift Tape – Does it work?

Instant FaceLift Tape – Does it work?

I’ll try Facelift 8 straight away for those of you who do not have a facelift tape. For years, it’s been a great, inexpensive alternative to Botox and actual surgical facelifts. It is often used for editorial make-up and photo shoots. Oh, and many drag queens use it too. That’s why I thought today that I would try this technique to see if it works. I am thrilled to be partnering with hourglass cosmetics for this video later. I’ll show you some of my favorite products so stay tuned or jump to the timestamp for the product that I’m going to be Testing today is by Marc Trainor.

This is the miracle face and neck lifting double set with busy tape. You get two facelift sets and a neck lift set. It is supplied with a lot of tape refills Resting usually when I’m Filmin When taking photos, I like to lift everything back and so my face looks higher. My eyes look bigger. My eyebrows are pulled up and my hairline also comes up. But usually, if I do not do that, I’m the way I do. I hope these facelift tape actually give me that list without my muscles having to move all the way back. So this is the facelift band. One side has these small rings through which you can insert this piece of metal to secure it to the back.

You would stick this on the area you want to lift, and then go through that loop, depending on how tight it should be behind to secure her. So it is now if you want to do this before you put on or put on your make-up. An area that is clean, so I will gladly try to raise my eyebrow and a piece of my eye to make it that way. Then I’ll just peel off that tape and put it down here, and if I pull it up it’ll raise whoa I’ll do the same on this site, so if I pull it now, it should raise my eye A hole, it’s every cat’s eye, I’m going to place another set here to pull my skin up here, so this laugh line is just taken away. Just smooth it, so I’m going to cut off the top part of my hair right now only two sections and I’ll back that up, oh that feels really weird at my eyes especially I think I stuck it to the store I think I want a little higher and then do that part okay again so I put the facelift band higher, but it’s a bit like a drape. Now the real test is how to change make-up.

I’m going to start with my make-up now and for this part, I’ve teamed up with hourglass cosmetics that I love the brand I’ve been using for years. They make excellent quality products if they do not know that Hourglass is a cruelty-free luxury beauty brand, and by 2020 they will become fully vegan first. Apply the Vanish Val Mineral Primer. This is an oil-free primer with a silky, airy texture. Applying make-up on a smooth canvas reduces the appearance of redness, pores and wrinkles. Then I use my vanishing, seamless finish pen primer in warm ivory. I’m just going to stroke my face, now it’s a weightless waterproof pad that lasts a long time and is also a hiding place because it now has high coverage. I’ve read that it can be difficult to hide tapes for facelifting.

Normally, models use the hair to cover it, or weeks in which to rub that foundation into my skin. I love how it fits so seamlessly that my skin always looks like it has an airbrush brush normal skin dry skin greasy mixed hide type this primer can be used for all and I think it is available in 32 shades, my skin looks flawless he’s fast before and after, as far as the band that’s somehow covered you like those lower ones, okay, but those upper ones because my forehead is wrinkled and it’s obvious therefore that I reposition the band in the background got to. Maybe it’s because of a wheat angle or just because I have a leap forward. That’s okay, jus I will not use my hair anyway to cover this part. Now I will contour myself. I only use a darker pen primer.

Instant FaceLift Tape -
Instant FaceLift Tape –

This color is almond and I’ll just apply it slightly under my cheekbones and I’m kind of going to bronze and contour at the same time. I’ll apply some of that foundation to my eyes as well, just as eye base and now, because my eyes are so high, I want kind of wing it too, so it will mix this out, so now raised to put my base and take everything longer I’ll use the vowel translucent setting powder This is a talc-free vegan formula that helps to blow out your pores and your fine lines and wrinkles will give you this airbrush so you’ll definitely see what I’m doing now. I will first brow my brows. I know it’s weird, but my eyebrow pencil or gel, which I use, lasts longer and then I just do it slightly under my eyes.

Knock it now. This is a translucent formula so you can use it on one skin tones and skin types are actually formulated with diamond powder, so your face will still be a little smoother, so everything will not get smooth. I’ll make sure to powder my eyes as well, because I applied a primer there Oh my God, you can see how red my ear is from this rubber band, just like when I press it down. I think I have to raise it a bit. Oh my god, ah, the pain of beauty, right on this side, not so bad.

I think that side I just stuck the tape a bit too deep for my brows. I’m going to use this L’Oreal Paris brow pomade and I’ll just make little hair-like strokes. It was raining pretty hard right now, so sorry you hear the thunder and rain so glad I’m not out tonight, so I filled out my brows and noticed that the shape is much more arched than normal because I usually draw them straight Yes, I’m digging those eyebrows that I see I’m using this Santa Fe range of BH Cosmetics for my eyes. I only use sound everywhere to deepen that color. I’ve had that before and now many of you in my hair braid video realize that I have an engagement ring, oh, to cook, but it’s there if you do not follow me on Instagram, then you would not have it I have you. I’ll upload a video talking about it with our friend and sharing our engagement video. We just have to work it.

Please have a little patience. I am very excited. I did not expect it, so you’ll see a lot more wedding content on my channel when I start planning the wedding, which may have a lot of work, but I’m very excited that my ear really hurts me oh rest my god feels so good just to let my face down so a strange thing to say oh I can move my face and I will go to the place just to deepen the outer corners and then just pull on the shadow, oh my God, the storm, and then I go to Meza and just put that color in this souter [Musi c] then I quickly align my upper eyelash line with the mechanical hourglass gel liner. This one is very thin so it is easy to work with and I love to use it to get into the inner corner of my eye next. I love this mascara because it does not smudge and it helps keep my eyelashes raised. A little trick I like to do is put a card or piece of paper behind it as I lash it up in this way.

I wear mascara that does not touch my eyelids, and I can penetrate into all those little hairs. Can you see that it’s like I have eyelashes, and then I do not have eyelashes eyes and I love that it does not make my eyelashes fall, because many mascaras, when I put it on everything, make the drops The rubber band is a little higher so I feel it is now more comfortable when I use the B. Obbi Brown shimmer brick compact in rose and I will only placing it exactly over where I’ve contoured now has a little tint to it and it has shimmer. After that I do not have to emphasize anymore, that gives me totally super modern cheekbones and for my lips I use the unreal high glossy, voluminous lip gloss, now you know that I always have such cracked lips, so I love this lip gloss is back and I love this formula that too was my favorite lip gloss lately honestly if you have dry lips do you get that it just smoothes out all my lines it fills my lips without the sting it moisturizes and it comes in 18 shades with a variety of finishes.

There are a shimmering, opaque sheen and soft nacreous surfaces. Now let me cover the tape with my hair, as I usually can. If it’s an editorial, the publisher would actually retouch these stickers, but generally, you can. I think I’ve put one too deep not to cover it, but the other three are pretty much under my hair. How does it feel when I wear the facelift tape, to be honest, like this one I somehow forgot like this on It did not hurt. I could not really feel that they were there while I was doing my makeup.

I pretty much liked forgetting them, but this one because it feels like I’m lying on my ear, so elastic that I could feel the pressure there. A bit painful, but I think that’s my hope because I’m staying close deep. I do not feel on this side. If I had raised the ribbon a bit higher, I could avoid this problem with the look that is my dormant face. Before you can see which areas have been raised, this has made my eyes look bigger. My eyebrows are more arched, and when I was actually trying to lift my muscles, as I usually do, I can barely do it because I feel it’s already raised. Overall, I like the risk, oh my god, I would rate this product 7 out of 10. I think, compared to other facelift tape on the market, it’s as if it’s stretchable. Better I think that’s great when you’re more mature and you have more loose skin to pull up, and it’s just for a special occasion, if only for one evening.

I think these bands are great. The only thing you have to do is play around with the post a little and thankfully. When you buy the refill, there are quite a few of those refill packs for you. Oh my god, the rain is crazy anyway. That’s it, this episode of teen and try. I hope you enjoyed it if you have not already signed up. Stay up-to-date on my channel. Future videos I post, please follow me on Instagram. I will talk to you next time. Hey, my god, these are really sticking I’m just using a make-up remover, wow, he’s so strong, oh, some of my baby hair is still torn out. So be careful when removing them. Use an oil-based make-up remover that is everything.

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