Liposuction and timing: When to have surgery


There’s no specific time you need to have that. And like most things, it’s an individual decision. For patients who are losing weight, first of all, our recommendation always would be to get your target weight to achieve that, and then if it’s a significant amount of weight, to have a three to six-month period of being stable at that weight.

There’s no point in having liposuction and then losing weight afterwards because you may lose some of the tone in the skin afterwards.

In terms of timing, for liposuction and other types of cosmetic surgery, patients may have an event they want to go to, or a holiday somewhere.

That’s taken into consideration but probably, more importantly, is the recovery afterwards. So after the surgery, it’ll vary with the amount of liposuction or the site of liposuction, but you will need to have some care afterwards, some support at home.

Liposuction and timing When to have surgery
Liposuction and timing When to have surgery

Maybe avoid heavy lifting or housework for two to three weeks and also, with liposuction, the crucial part of it is wearing compression garments afterwards. So all these things have to be taken into consideration when thinking about when the surgery will take place.


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