Liposuction: Can fat return after surgery?


With liposuction you are physically removing the fat cell, so those cells in that area, they shouldn’t regain the fat.

What normally happens when you put on weight, the fat goes into the cell and each cell, individual cell, expands and gets bigger. So by removing those fat cells, that area will not get fatter.

However, if you do put on a large amount of weight then you will put on weight and fat again, but it will be in different areas. And, you know, people have different areas of their body where they tend to put fat on.

Those would be the areas you tend to remove when you’re doing liposuction. So you may find then that if you do put weight on a different area of your body, we’ll be putting the fat on.

Liposuction Can fat return after surgery
Liposuction Can fat return after surgery

It’s possible you may not have removed all of the fat in that area. So some fat cells remain. So yes, it’s possible you could put on some fat in that area. But the idea is, you’ve removed the potential for fat in that area.


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