Liposuction Complications


Liposuction Complications

We will talk about more major complications that can happen from liposuction surgery. Fortunately, these are very rare. However, what sometimes can happen is that there can be a problem with fluids.

The evolution of liposuction has been directed to preventing this problem. It is deceptive that the incisions are very small, but there is a larger area of potential fluid shifts and damage that can happen underneath the surface.

Clearly, it is important that the physician, surgeon will be very cautious and careful about performing this surgery and that the patient be monitored.

They have to receive a certain amount of fluids during the surgery and then from the liposuction technique which generally involves putting fluid in before, this helps them to absorb some extra fluid after surgery.

Liposuction Surgery - Liposuction Complications
Liposuction Surgery – Liposuction Complications

In the evolution of the technique it use to be that the fluid was not used as much and so there were patients that had actually bleeding under the tissue that you could not see and it would drop their blood pressure.

Then when too much fluid was utilized some patients got into problems with fluid overload. Nowadays these conditions fortunately are very rare with proper implementation of monitoring and proper amounts of fluid used at surgery.


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