Liposuction Surgery : Liposuction Recovery Period

In this clip, we’ll talk about further recovery after the Liposuction procedure. The recovery is generally not that bad, most people will be back at work within a few days, and then kind of a tight, slightly annoying feeling when they try to get too vigorous with exercising.

The good thing about Liposuction is it does not really restrict people from exercising early, as opposed to procedures that involve more cutting and sewing and tightening.

In this case you’re wanting to try to restrict things so you don’t have stretching of scars and repaired areas.

Liposuction Recovery Period
Liposuction Recovery Period

With the Liposuction, I encourage my patients to get back to their regular routine very quickly within a week or two, and then that would help them to mobilize whatever fat is still there, and fluid is still there and then to see even better results. If a patient can lose a pound or two, or of course even more, those are the patients that are the happiest after Liposuction.

The patient is encouraged to exercise as soon as possible and for the scars, which are tiny, little incisions, we use scar treatment; applying tape or Vitamin E or Miderma or Scar Guard, various treatments try to to keep the scars as good as possible.


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