Liposuction Surgery – Liposuction Recovery


Liposuction Surgery – Liposuction Recovery

In this segment, we’ll talk about the immediate prior, and aftercare for liposuction. After the topographic marking, and the surgery has been completed, which typically will take anywhere from one to three hours.

The patient is sent home in a compression garment, and a compression garment is designed for several factors. One, to make the patient more comfortable.

Two, to decrease swelling, and three, to help shape the areas that have been contoured. And a compression garment is really a girdle, simply a girdle with a stretchy, elastic material that has zippers and clips, and allows the areas that have been treated, to remain under some degree of compression, to help as stated, with shaping, and decreasing swelling.

Patients will wear their garments for approximately three to six weeks after surgery. Of course, removing them to shower, and then there are lighter garments that are more comfortable, that they will get into, after they have their office visits.

Liposuction Recovery - Liposuction Surgery
Liposuction Recovery – Liposuction Surgery

The typical office visits will be, first at about four to five days, to check on the patient, and see how they’re doing. We do encourage patients to shower, at about two to three days. Remove the garment, and then wash it, and reapply the garment, or a new garment.


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