Liposuction swelling tips

Liposuction swelling tips

I’m a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and Certified Massage Therapist, and I’m a Pacific Beach, San Diego, California practitioner. Today I would like to talk to people who have undergone liposuction, a tummy tuck or a facelift. I would like to show you some of the tools I use to help you if you have lumps and bumps that go beyond the swelling. That’s why I do manual lymphatic drainage, a kind of massage that helps to reduce the swelling, but the liposuction offers more than just swelling.

There are lumps and bumps and bumps when the swelling subsides and we want to give you a nice tummy, the beautiful legs, the beautiful arms that do not look as if you had surgery. So let me show you the complete range of things that I have. Offer and show them to my patients to give you an insight into the secrets that I share with my patients. Cardboard Here is some foam. These are available on the internet.

I also have different sizes in my office. This is crucial if you have liposuction on your stomach. This will produce the results I want for my clients who wear them as much as possible per day, as long as possible. This helps to maintain the results I give to my clients and to further heal them between sessions. Many people are familiar with abdominal boards, but not many people. I am a trained lymphedema therapist. Lymphedema is a side effect of cancer surgery, and it is a chronic disease, a chronic swelling.

That’s why we use a bandage as a lymphedema therapist. We use compression garments that help control the swelling of our clients, so I take some of my information and knowledge from this site to a more medical side of the swelling control and bring them to my client, so we use this as a lymphoedema therapist and I will show that there are different sizes. I have different forms. I have a bigger version of this. This is made of foam and has the shape of a kidney I do not know if you can see, but it is also rounded at the front and flat at the bottom, so we use this.

I use this in my practice, if you have a small swelling spot that you want to go down a little spot from where the tissue has become a little fibrotic and we really want to control it, so I use these in various forms as well as the belly board and then Then there are foam boards that are padded with foam so I can make square or square foam that really helps to personalize your treatment, as with every one of them Patient swelling is different See people over 40 after surgery so I know how to deal with swelling and how it falls off. It’s an ongoing process so you come to my office two or three times a week. I have people who wk and live with their bodies as if I had a swimsuit model, so she comes five times a week because she really needs a perfect result because she earns her money with the display of her body, but if it does average customer is, I will do it If you have them twice a week, we will use different techniques to reduce the swelling.

Liposuction swelling tips –

The first and the technique learned in the school for lymphedema therapy is manual lymphatic drainage, which helps the body’s lymphatic system to reduce the swelling and I also use other techniques, so this is a time in the video where I talk about something I’d like to hear that people have told me when they get their surgery in Tijuana when they get their surgery in Miami, there are wonderful surgeons and wonderful post-surgical care throughout America and Mexico, but some things I’ve heard that people are scared when they get into the massage because they’re convinced that it will hurt, and I believe that massage can hurt if you do not use it when you Don There is not a wide choice of tools and you do not use these tools to help the body relax and open The handkerchiefs before you either move liquid, or you try to break some scar tissue. So, what I do, I have hot stones.

This is one of my hot stones. I have a hot stone machine that I use so I apply the hot stones to the body and that warms up the tissue and then I either use cupping, that’s a silicone shell, and then I have an electrical copier that I use, and then I also use these IAS TM tools for interned support mobilizing the soft tissue so that I first warm the skin and then use different tools and each tool has a different purpose to move liquid or this tool is really great It has a tighter edge to break up. Part of the scar tissue and then lymphatic cupping when I use the cup machine. Liposuction

I usually use it to bring out the fluid and get the inflammation out after doing some of the deeper work to break up the scar tissue your body will have inflammation since it repairs itself after breaking up some scar tissue I use the cupping machine over there, so I’ll look at it, or I’ll switch it on even if I use the cupping machine. I turn on one of those old-fashioned manual silicone cups and this really helps me find that sometimes the cannula scar somehow goes inward and has a little scar tissue around it, so this is increased. Vacuum is used to push the tissue up instead of going down and pushing down so much that can be very painful, we pulled up the tissue and so we get more space, so we break up the scar tissue and then only this gentle, very precise pressure that I learned in I ASTM how to use these tools properly, it should not be.

This is very painful, they are only used for a very short time and they achieve great results. After applying these two or three modalities to the client here in the studio and the massage, we go ahead and make sure the compression is applied. You have the right compression clothing. Kind of Trouble. Let them know how to do it in their busy life Fit life and get the point compression when you just need point compression and the goal is to get as natural a result as possible, and the result that the customer achieves. I agree if you have liposuction if you are a facelift or Have a tummy tuck and perform manual lymphatic drainage to see if any of these other modalities are right for you. I do not use IAS TM tools after a facelift we just use the menial lymphatic drainage.

I may use some cupping and for this post, I take care of the postoperative surgery so that every operation is different. I have an experience that the customer is better The plastic surgeons of the practices in America and Tijuana refer their clients to me after the operation. I would like to help you too. You can comfort me. Soothe Sandiego. You can email me at Consolation San Diego at or you can call me at nine past six at eight zero six five three eight thank you and have a nice day.

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