Liquid Rhinoplasty


Liquid Rhinoplasty

A liquid rhinoplasty uses injectables that we normally use for other areas of the face, but we actually use them on the nose most of the time to avoid surgery. When a patient first comes to the consultation, it is really important that we discuss exactly what the problem.

There are some issues that can be easily resolved by using injectables. However, there are other issues that may not be easily resolved or certain areas in the news that we do not want to introduce.

Very honest and open discussions in advance, that everyone knows what we can achieve if we choose to: move ahead. We try to use a very thin filler to reduce the risk of complications.

Rhinoplasty -
Rhinoplasty –

Stun the patient topically. We apply a small cream to numb the area to be injected and usually use a blunt cannula so something that is not sharp and is injected into the specific area and we try to inject none.

This can be several time-phased procedures to make sure that the changes we make are incremental rather than increasing the likelihood of problems that could occur on average after six to nine months, but the nose does not move significantly like other areas of the face and so on Patients often get one year, maybe a year and a half, from their results.


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