Lower Eyelid Surgery to Eliminate Under Eye Bags


Lower Eyelid Surgery to Eliminate Under Eye Bags, The lower lid is an area that attracts the concerns of patients frequently because it gives one older look. In the lower lid there may be many many elements that we have to address it could be extra skin, it could be the fat bulges and it can be the deception of the Lord lid. All of these require direct assessments and direct surgeries.

If a patient for example presents with skin excess only then we will remove that skin surgically and if the skin is not to that degree we can always contract the skin by other non-surgical methods. If a patient presents with extra fat then that fat can be removed from an incision made inside the lower lid.

If the patient has no extra skin it’s called transconjunctival approach but if a patient’s extra scan and fat then an outside incision is made to remove the skin again very conservatively as well as to remove the fat.

Our objectives with fat removal is not to create a hollow because the hollow is an older look, is to reposition the fat or to just take out that amount of fat that presents and correct the bulge.

Lower Eyelid Surgery to Eliminate Under Eye Bags
Lower Eyelid Surgery to Eliminate Under Eye Bags

If a patient has has a decension of the lower lid because of weakness for example that is our obligation at that time because of septums to elevate the lower lid in addition to the removal of fat and or the removal of skin.


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