Lower Face Lift Exercises


Lower Face Lift Exercises

I want to show you how to lift up your face because as we age, this part droops down as the hyaluronic acid, the collagen and elastin disappears from your skin and forms a little ridge here. You actually want to lift this whole area. Sometimes when you have fillers put in or procedures done, you might find that this area here also doesn’t work very well. We actually have to activate these muscles, the zygomatic muscles.

This area around the mouth, too, needs to be exercised so that you don’t have these little wrinkles happening as we age. First of all, I want you to focus on these cheek muscles. The whole idea, once again, is to depress it so that it’s relaxed and then contracted against resistance. These zygomatic muscles here, you can actually secure them by putting your hands here and then you smile. You lift up your cheeks. Once again, you don’t want to actively contract other muscles so look at the mirror. I know that when I do this, these muscles start to contract. You do one at a time. Lift this part up. This is particularly good if you have an asymmetric smile.

Sometimes when you smile, one is actually a little bit lower than the other side. When you lift the side up this way, you can actually secure a really lovely smile that’s symmetric once again. You’ve got these muscles here. Now, a good way to do that is also to secure it like this, pull it towards the center and then smile this way.

There’s the buccinator muscles here as well and you use it when you actually start to blow out your cheeks. To make it actively work against resistance, you want to press on it and blow out against it like this. Notice when I do that these muscles start to contract so you need to secure that to make sure you don’t get wrinkles down here. Obviously, you do the same with the other side too.

Lower Face Lift Exercises
Lower Face Lift Exercises

Don’t do this too much and don’t do any exercises that tell you to purse your lips. Try to avoid that. How you actually relax these muscles is by putting your lips together quite firmly and blowing out against resistance like this. As we age, this part contracts and depresses. Some people start forming these lines here like a deep cleft. You can also try to improve this area the same way. Sometimes, if you don’t want to use your hands, you can also do it a bit more gently.

Finally, just under your chin here, this part, where you often get a double chin. You notice if you put a thumb under here, close your mouth, but lift your tip of the tongue and push against the palate. You can find it contracting. Don’t do any exercises that causes an extension of your neck like that because the facet joints get affected. It’s much better to do this exercise and just focus on this area. You don’t have to move your neck to contract these muscles.


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