– Hi, my name’s Adam, I’m 33, and I’ve just had an abdominoplasty. And I am days nine post op. – [Jonathan] How are you doing? How’s your week been? – Really well, really, really well. I would say to Vicki, just, the swelling started, I would say on Saturday, it was about Friday, Saturday.

But you could see quite a lot of the contours after you’d done it straight away. But now it’s kind of one big, which is expected. – [Doctor] That’s the problem, it takes a few months to see what you’re going to get. – So that now, you can see it’s really full. – [Doctor] Yeah, yeah. – But I don’t know if that’s normal, is that how it is usually or? – [Jonathan] To be honest, it can go a bit up and down for the first few weeks, so you don’t really know what it’s going to be like. – A bit of a story with this, or a bit of a journey with it.

I approached Jonathan three years ago, after seeing, I think it was three others, and cost, with something like this, you can’t really, obviously you’ve got budget, but with something so big, you’ve got to feel comfortable with the surgeon, you got to feel comfortable with where you’re having it done, but I booked it in three years ago, and a month before the op I had to have my gallbladder removed, so it got cancelled. So that’s why I came back to see him, and yeah, got it booked up. So this should’ve been done three years ago.

The hospital was brilliant, absolutely fantastic. Wow. – [Nurse] How good is that? – [Jonathan] So what I try and do, is I try and avoid a dog ear. A dog ear is like a pleat to the back here. So in order to avoid a dog ear, I correct it all to the middle. So if you look here, oh that looks good, and then you look here, and think ooh it looks a bit rumpled and ripply here. I’ve deliberately done that, to fix, so you don’t get dog ear. You’ve got a bit of swelling going on here. I’m seeing a lot of swelling going on here as well. But don’t worry about the rumples and the ripples in the middle.


In time, probably what I’ll do is see you in about six weeks to get a massage in there, to help those rumples, those will settle down, that’s what’s going to happen. – [Adam] I know when you first did it you can really see this was really puffed. So initially, I was 22 stone, and then lost nine stone in six months, which is quick, not orthodox, not how you should be doing it, which left me with loose skin. But even if I’d done it slow, it might have loose skin, it still wouldn’t have been as tight as it should be. So either way, whether you do it faster, you’re going to have some loose skin. But because of the speed that I did it, I was left with a lot more. So that was the initial sort of, right, I’m not happy with that.

Let’s look again, something sorted. So, yeah, people looking at this, they’ll know, every day it affects them, when you get all walk about, you’re conscious of it, or I was. So to have that removed is just the last part of the journey. – [Jonathan] Yeah, no, it’s healed really well. That’s really good, that. That’s healed really nicely. – It’s a little bit numb when you press it. – [Nurse] Yeah, yeah, that’s quite normal. – [Doctor] Probably skin a bit down, is it? – Yeah. It’s kind of learning itself and getting into the nerves in it. – [Doctor] That could take months. – Yeah. So I thought I’d be stuck in bed a lot.

I’ve not been in bed at all, other than in the evening to sleep. Again, I don’t know if I’m kind of lucky the healing process of that or what, but lots of sitting around, lots of watching TV and not doing much. The biggest thing is back pain when you’re crouched over and you’re in bed with your pillow supporting your legs. Your back’s constantly in this position so it takes quite a lot of strain. So as soon as you can stand up straight and support your own weight, that is a bonus. So yeah, it’s been better than I thought, much better.


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