Mini Tummy Tuck Explained – Mini Abdominoplasty


Mini Tummy Tuck Explained – Mini Abdominoplasty

Remember that this procedure is indicated for people who basically have problems below their belly button. Let me show you what I mean. So just for orientation this is the pubic area. Here’s the belly button and here are the ribs. Now, I’ve already talked a little bit about the incision in the introduction. But one of the big benefits of a mini tummy tuck is the incision is significantly shorter than that for a full tummy tuck.

We can put the incision extremely low, as low as we want. So, often the incision will run just at the top part of the pubic area. It will still follow the groin crease up a little bit, but it will be something like this, okay. You know, it’s still a fairly lengthy incision. But it’s not going all the way to the sides like a full tummy tuck. I’ll then go down to the muscle. And I’ll lift all the skin and the fat off the muscle all the way up to the belly button.

Then we’ll pull all that extra skin and fat down and remove the extra. And in a mini tummy tuck, I can generally get out about half the distance between the belly button and the pubic area. So something like this. So we’re gonna remove something like that. All the skin and the fat and the stretch marks in this area goes. Second thing we’re gonna do is, we’re going to repair the stretched abdominal muscles. So, again, the abdominal muscles are stretched apart.

Usually something like that, okay. Creating a bit of a paunch. And what we’ll do is I’m gonna stitch these muscles back together which is gonna help to flatten the tummy. And even maybe pull the sides in a little bit. And then finally, we’re gonna do some liposuction. We’re gonna liposuction around the sides here, in this area, and over here.

Mini Tummy Tuck Explained - Mini Abdominoplasty
Mini Tummy Tuck Explained – Mini Abdominoplasty

These are the love handles, or the muffin top. And I will usually also liposuction what’s left behind below the belly button. All of this will fit in that ebb as well. Now, if there’s some fat accumulating above the belly button, we may even do a little bit of liposuction up in here, even though it’s a mini tummy tuck.

The advantages to the mini tummy tuck are, number one, a shorter incision as compared to a full tummy tuck. Number two, there is no incision around the belly button. So there’s no scar there whatsoever. And number three, I find that the downward pull on the skin often will give a pleasing shape to the belly button. [MUSIC]


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