Minimizing Tummy Tuck Scars

Minimizing Tummy Tuck Scars

A lot of concern about the incision with a tummy tuck. There’s no doubt that it’s a very long incision. But I do everything within my power to make that incision look as good as possible. And if you think about it, you’re trading, hopefully, a thin line of a scar for all the benefits of the tummy tuck. Which is getting rid of all that loose, hangy skin. Getting rid of the fat, tightening up the muscles.

The things that I do, include, I will try to put the incision as low as possible so that it will be under your underwear or your bathing suit so it won’t be seen. I will suture as nice as humanly possible. I always do a premium stitch job. And, in fact, a full tummy tuck for me takes approximately three and a half hours. I can tell you, that about one and a half hours of those three and a half hours is me suturing. What am I doing? I suture in three layers from the inside out.

The first layer is a special layer, where I put sutures into a material called, or a part of your body, called fascia. Which takes the tension off the skin so that the skin will heal nicer. The next two layers are all absorbable suture.

There’s nothing that needs to be removed. One layer is just under the skin. And the final layer weaves it’s way back and forth under the skin. So you don’t see any suture. And there’s nothing to take out. I never use any staples. When we’re done, I put on Steri-Strips.

Minimizing Tummy Tuck Scars

They’re little surgical tapes that help to take tension off the skin. And they will be on there for about two to three weeks. Once the Steri-Strips are removed, then we go to the scar care. And the scar care can consist of one of two possibilities. Either a scar gel or what is known as silicone sheeting.

We actually get you this very thin long strip — it’s made just for tummy tucks that you put on the incision and you just wear that. It’s held on with your underwear. And you wear it for the first few months. A very powerful scar treatment.

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