Mommy Makeover – Umbilical Float with Cosmetic Surgeon

Mommy Makeover – Umbilical Float with Cosmetic Surgeon

When women have children whose muscles and abdomen separate and sometimes they do not come back. They get the little puppy in the lower abdomen and so on, it stays there for a lifetime, before I get Dr. Thornton I did not know what to do to feel like I was again. She had a very interesting problem with her stomach, which meant that she did not have much skin to remove, but she had a big breakup.

Her muscles convinced me and told me the things I had to do and no matter how much fitness I did, I would not see the changes I wanted just because you know that I have three babies and what it does For my body, I have worked out a plan with it called an umbilical cord.

You can not impose this procedure on anyone you have to choose exactly, and taya was the perfect person, so she had a Mommy Makeover with her that I minimized invasive tummy tuck, where I just make a small incision in the butt and let go of the belly button and let it float up.

Mommy Makeover – Umbilical Float with Cosmetic Surgeon –

Then I go all the way almost to the sternum and tighten her muscles to the end from the breastbone to her pubic bone and that literally brings her abdomen back to its normal orientation so that it gets really tight and then I sewed her navel precisely again down to where it was before and then i pull out the excess skin good candidates especially for Mommy Makeover are just women i am between 35 and 45 years old, that’s our average that i have adult kids and now they want that her body is back. Usually it is a type of breast revision surgery and a combined abdominal revision surgery.

When you’re done, you have improved breasts and you. I’m so glad I met Dr. and I am so glad that I performed this procedure because I feel like myself again. I feel like I’m seeing how I think it was probably the best decision I’ve ever made

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