Neck Lift


We started this series talking about facelifts now let’s continue our discussion with facelifts. We started with the question who is a good candidate.

We talked about how a facelift is done and now a very common question that also comes up all the time with facelifts is what about the neck? People come in frequently for a neck lift and they actually need a facelift well they come in wanting something done with the face but they actually really need the neck done.

So, what exactly is happening here what is what? Does a facelift include the neck and the answer is yeah but it depends with the facelifts we talked about in the last session we’re elevating the lower third of the face, the jawline, and the very top part of the neck so if your concern is this part of the neck right under your chin, that’s a facelift.

Think of a hammock hanging between two trees, they use this description all the time. If I am pulling the rope up one tree and the rope up the other tree, I haven’t touched the hammock but the whole hammock goes up. If I pull the rope up here or the neck muscle here called the platysma, if I pull it up over here I haven’t touched the hammock in between but all the skin under the chin elevates up, that’s a neck lift but what about if we’re talking about low on the neck skin closer to the collarbone.

Neck Lift
Neck Lift

Is that made better with a facelift? and, it depends, yes and no the further away you get from the chin and the jawline down the neck the less and less the facelift by itself will help. So, what do we do? Well, we add a neck lift what I call a posterior cervical plasty. It’s a fancy name for a neck lift but it’s posterior because the incision is behind the ear or in the hairline back here and cervical plasty just means a neck lift. So by elevating and pulling the skin back this way, we can add to the benefit of the facelift of directing it lower and lower on the neck that’s a neck lift.

Now some people don’t need to facelift and would only be coming in for a posterior cervical plasty or a lower neck lift and sometimes we do all of it together in a combined procedure if that’s what you need. So in answer the question, do I need a neck lift or is a facelift the same as a neck lift? It depends but that’s the difference. Facelift upper part of the neck, a more formal neck lift typically addresses the lower part of the neck. If you’re confused or if you want to know if you’re a good candidate come in and let us talk with you. Thanks.


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