New CACI Non Surgical Face Lift for Instant Results


New CACI Non Surgical Face Lift for Instant Results

I’d like to talk to you about the CACI Non Surgical Face Lift, one of the many professional anti-aging treatments we offer here at WSC. CACI Non Surgical Face Lift is an award-winning anti-aging treatment that targets the muscles One of the muscles of our face is anti-aging. Few of us understand how our facial muscles work, what role they play in the anti-aging process. Most anti-aging treatments focus on stimulating collagen or Removing sagging skin through cosmetic surgery can have a dramatic impact on how old or how young you look now.

I’ve got your attention, but first let’s talk about the problem before we look at the solution and see If any of these areas resonate with you as we get older, our facial muscles lose their elasticity tone. The muscles stretch and sag and the muscle could pull the skin down. The most frequent complaints of my clients As for the removal of the eyelids and the drooping of the eyebrows, this is probably one of the most frequent complaints.

There is an increase in swelling under the eyes, and through the development of cheeks, nasolabial folds form between the nose and mouth, which tend to develop and deepen the corners of the mouth down and chin sags and double chin begins to develop, leaving Now you get the picture of what the solution is. You have to train and tone the muscles of your face in the same way we work out in the gym and turn the muscles of our muscles. Body, how weird we seem to neglect the muscles of our face, we seem to think that everything is up here ends, so the solution is good, it’s the CACI Non Surgical Face Lift that uses microcurrent. Microcurrent is an electric current that is very similar to the electric current.

New CACI Non Surgical Face Lift for Instant Results -
New CACI Non Surgical Face Lift for Instant Results –

It is a painlessly relaxing cosmetic treatment with no downtime. This treatment was originally developed by a doctor for the treatment of Bell’s palsy and stroke patients, in which one side of the face is affected by Bell’s palsy, restores muscle tone by applying tiny electrical microcurrent pulses to the affected areas, which they return to raise their original position The other number 1 called for microcurrent treatments. How does this work? Each treatment usually takes an hour.

During the treatment, all 40 facial muscles are gently manipulated and used with a series of precise movements of these soft cotton swabs brought back to their original position in the face to transfer the micro-current energy to the facial muscles to restore the tone and elasticity of your facial muscles. How quickly do you see a result that becomes visible after the very first treatment and if you want a complete, CACI Non Surgical Face Lift, A course of 10 to 15 treatments is recommended, followed by monthly boosts to maintain the results during the treatment If two treatments per Week recommended, there are the same treatment options for everyone.

WSC, we provide in-depth advice before starting treatment to clarify which areas you want to work with to find out where you would like to see some improvement, such as: For example, the cheeks of the eyes in the neck, we go through the various options and the Boltons that are available for the treatment case, and decide together, which treatment should provide the cheeks results that you want to see The CACI Non Surgical Face Lift is absolutely non-invasive, painless, surprising and relaxing. As a result-oriented treatment, you will see a visible result on your skin with every treatment. If you would like to know more about the treatment, either discuss the booking of a course or a single trial treatment. Call us today at the clinic. We would be glad to hear from you to listen to you.


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