No-Surgery Face lift Using Human Super Glue?


No-Surgery Face lift Using Human Super Glue? The following program contains illustrations of the actual surgery, which may be graphic, and annoying parents should note that these illustrations may not be suitable for infants over 120,000 people in the United States. I had a faceless surgery last year alone that can turn back the clock, but recovery can be painful and you do not want to leave the doctor’s office like this.

What if you could get a face lift without the mummy bandages without general anesthesia, and without the painful recovery, it may just take a super glue to a certain age, where the cheeks lift the jaw to get rid of that itch. The face is not relaxed. Everything looks good. National. certified plastic surgeon dr. Payman Simoni welcome, thank you. Tell us what is different about this procedure. One of the main differences to traditional face lift, where the surgery takes about five to six hours under anesthesia and requires one month of recovery.

What I’ve done is I removed anesthesia from the procedure, so patients are awake throughout the process and I numb the face I make the patient comfortable and I do the procedure, since they do not go under head anesthesia I have the luxury of Sitting patient up at an angle like this I can see the effect of gravity when I perform the procedure, not only that I can talk to my patients, they talk to you, and I can wash their facial expressions to me in my surgery So, what I do, I just use a glue and I’m a biological glue that I spray under this skin and the whole loosens up and you can see that the patient’s setup and everything There was no loose skin for our spectators.

Tell us a little bit about what the adhesive is made of biological adhesive. It is not an adhesive that you can buy in the shop. So it’s like he took human plasma and took protein from it. Human plasma These are the same proteins that produce coagulation factors. Clotting occurs when we get a cut in our skin and do not bleed because our skin is clotting and they have absorbed these proteins.

No Surgery Face lift Using Human Glue -
No Surgery Face lift Using Human Glue –

When we spray these proteins, they produce this type of coagulation factor. Usually, the skin takes three weeks to close, which only takes three minutes. Everything is closed with this glue. So, what we see in three weeks is shortening B to three minutes and Maris has fully recovered. Are you all ready to see what Maris looks like today Well, here she is as a reminder and since she is here, Maris comes out and joins us? Only we will come out and we will say, how do you like it? We ask how old you are.

I kiss you great So what was it like to have this procedure while you were awake? I was scared and then I was in the operating room and I gave you a small shot to calm you down and I was kind of stand out, I have to say and I remember I was joking and kept saying, “Listen your face must be a resting position but you know that it was not bad at all you look great and as we always say in medicine, the goal is a happy patient. ” They sure seem happy. I am happy. I’m immediately happy. Mona, thank you for being here. I am sorry that you are with us.


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