Non Surgical Face Lift Exercise – Face Yoga


Non Surgical Face Lift Exercise – Face Yoga

Welcome, if you are new today. I’ll show you a face yoga routine that you can do before bed or in the morning, and I’ll show you that Ayurvedic products are part of my skincare routine. I use them today from a company called Shankara Naturals. Her main focus is on Ayurveda. You can do a quiz on their website to find out the dosha of your skin. Then they will send you a sample kit for only $ 10, for which I’ll put the link the same offer in the description at the bottom and top of the cards, in case you want to check it now. I was very skeptical of face yoga.

I thought it sounds just fictional or crazy, but I’ve tried a bunch of different video routines and now I’m firmly convinced that I have my favorite moves and everything I’ve tried out with you in this routine that I designed I’ll share it with you before we start judging your face and relax, and notice which eyebrow is higher, which eye is big, which nose fold is longer, and one of the corners of the mouth is higher than the other, if you like, you can even take a selfie for fun as you have a before-and-after photo for our first step and blow your cheeks. Take a deep breath and blow it out and move the air from one cheek to another.

The second step is to look up at the ceiling and kiss on the lips. Relax, make sure you do not stretch your head back. So make sure that you do not exert excessive pressure on the neck on the sensitive cervical spine, just kiss and relax. Kiss, relax your fingertips to the center of your chin and then push upwards as if you are moving toward your ears. Start at the chin with a nice firm, deep pressure and push yourself now towards your jaw and your ears up, for the next one I want you to do it. Actually, add that you could use every finger, but I personally like us When you press my middle finger, inhale and pull a line under your eyebrows with firm pressure. Follow the natural curve of your eyebrows outwards.

Then the same idea car from the nose outward, so not directly under the eye, but somehow like from the bridge of the nose over the cheekbones, if you are clogged, this is amazing to me and it helps to prevent allergies from inhaling with your eyebrow starting outwards, then exhale with firm pressure from the bridge of the nose out to the outer eye and inhale several times with firm light pressure and exhale the next time. One that I love because it does is effective and it is also a neck stretch that stretches the right arm up and then lifts up to hold the left side of your face.

Non Surgical Face Lift Exercise - Face Yoga -
Non Surgical Face Lift Exercise – Face Yoga –

The ring finger moves to exactly where your eyebrow ends, so it lies just outside your eye and then the middle finger should be right on your temple and this placement is important, now you’ll pull your skin up and drop your head to the right. You should feel a nice stretch on your neck and gently open and close your jaw a few times. Here are both to relax and see if you can find a route to hit. Then, stick out the tongue and move it to the right. You look silly, I know, but you’re back on the track before I get back upstairs, I like to pump some of the Shankara moisturizers and put it on my left cheek.

It contains ayurvedic herbs and oils to balance the dosha of your skin and to moisturize your skin centering and we do the same on the other side so that the left hand is holding the right side of the face, this time the ring finger is right there, where the eyebrow ends outside of the eye and the middle finger is down and even more outward on the temple lifting the skin and then dropping the head to the left slightly open and close the jaw and then stick out the tongue and slide to the left and now.

I will Press the other cheek last to moisten the heels of the hands into your eyes and just turn some gentle circles clockwise and then anticlockwise, curl your fingers in your hairline and now push the heels of your hands upwards so that they are in Press her eyebrows. face yoga

Keep a firm pressure towards the center of your brain, but just move your hands away from each other It’s almost as if you wanted to pull your forehead in the middle apart. Slide your hands to the left and right while holding the pressure. Take a deep breath through your nose.

I like to do that, if I ever feel migraine or headache Finally, I moisturize my forehead with Shankara’s fine care oil with blue chamomile and sandalwood, which is ridiculously moisturizing. I like this oil because it’s perfect for Edie. I know that Chunk Ara also has an amazing eye cream for right under your eyes Rose and Cucumber and I get these very soon, if you’ve tried these movements with me, now take a stock of how you feel in the mirror, or Maybe you make another selfie that you notice difference, how you look or feel, let me know in the comments.


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