Non Surgical Facelift – Skin Tightening Treatment


Non Surgical Facelift – Skin Tightening Treatment

Center for Aesthetic and Laser Medicine at Trinity dermatology. I’m going to be talking to you about accutite. Accutite is bipolar radiofrequency this is a non-surgical treatment that we can do to target areas of the face and body that require a little bit of fat melting and skin tightening. Accutite is a miniature device and that’s been used for many years in plastic surgery with body tight and face tight.

It is a smaller version of that same technology that we can use to target areas such as the lower eyelids, the jowls, the submental neck, small areas of fat which might be seen in axillary folds above the knees it’s a great non-surgical option for patients that might not be ready for something like a surgical blepharoplasty or a facelift. A good candidate for this treatment is really a big age range of patients anyone in their 30s all the way up to their 60s or 70s would be good candidates.

People that might have a little bit of excess of fat that’s showing in their lower lid and with a little bit of skin laxity somebody that’s starting to notice that the jowls in their lower face are are starting to be more prominent or that their double chin is starting to be something that they’re thinking about treating the results from your accutite treatment will continue to improve over time because of the way that the procedure is done you will have some immediate shrinking of the tissue that’s being treated but you will continue to improve over about eight weeks, you will have more collagen and elastin tissue production and results might even continue to get better for up to a year.

When a patient comes in for a consultation we will discuss the treatment in detail and go over any questions you may have. When you come in for your actual treatment we will take photographs, we will be marking in the area that we’re going to be treating and then you’ll receive anesthesia. We only use local or topical anesthesia during the treatment and there is also an option for us to give you Pro Knox which is self administered nitrous oxide which makes the procedure very comfortable.

Non Surgical Facelift - Skin Tightening Treatment
Non Surgical Facelift – Skin Tightening Treatment

Depending on the area treated after the procedure you might have a little bit of swelling that can last up to a week or two or three downtime will be discussed during your consultation because it really depends on the area that you’re treating and the amount of tissue that we’re going to be treating. If you think you might be a candidate for accutite.


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