Non Surgical Facelift With Face Yoga


Non Surgical Facelift With Face Yoga

The face of the method Many people have asked me how they can lift the falling eyelid and also lift the side of the face. In this video, I’ll show you a post called the Non Surgical Facelift that’s great for lifting the website and post the eyelid immediately, so before we start the actual post, I want to take a look at you and which eyebrow is higher which is bigger and which eyelids fall more and which missed Olivia cases are deeper and longer, which mouse cone is higher and also check your facial line in order and this is a really good time to take a picture, so beforehand can see afterward.

So let’s start with those who are sitting high, relaxing your forehead, relaxing your shoulders and breathing in and out of your nose with your right hand. Degree shoulder to back presses in breeze and breeze inhales and you breathe left and up towards the ceiling shoulders so that relaxed shoulder blades breathe down and exhale the stretch toward the ceiling and also your right hand 45 degrees and bend your left elbow Your left finger is in the corner of your eyelid and the middle finger in the temple.

This is very important if you place your fingers so that the left finger raises the eyelid and the middle finger raises the side of your face. If you raise this side, you should notice that your face line changes. So practice until you feel very comfortable, where your fingers should look right over your chest. Inhale your fingers Up and to the left, tilt your head and feel the stretch from the head to the neck and fingertip. Do not hold pressure, breathe in and out, and lift the side of your face while your fingers inhale and exhale. Now we will add a time that comes from your nails and turn left.

Non Surgical Facelift With Face Yoga -
Non Surgical Facelift With Face Yoga –

Stay and come out of the porthole. Relax, if you want. You can see for yourself and see the changes or take that after photo too. On the other side, let’s put your left hand 45 degrees shorter. We use it and a breeze from your nose and inhale and the right hand up. Bend your elbow and ring finger into the corner of your eyelid. Breathe in, breathe out until two heads feel exactly, head to shoulder and shoulder to fingertip stretching.

Make sure your chest is open. Keep pulling your fingers, breathe in and out, breathe in the shoulder, so relax, breathe in, and now we are. When you stick your tongue out, feel the stretch and move your tongue so you can show and get the maximum stretch from the inside out Your eye raises the eyelid as follows, sees it and a middle finger on your temple and retracts almost 45 degrees so that you lift the side of your face. There should be a labial fold disappear and also the shape of your book face looks sharper if you like this video and you do not have it



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