Non Surgical Rhinoplasty for Asian noses


Non Surgical Rhinoplasty for Asian noses

Have you ever considered changing the shape of your nose, maybe you have a little bump on your nose or you want to make it taller, but you don’t really want to go down the surgical pathway? Well there’s a way to do this with dermal fillers. We can actually use dermal fillers to shape the nose, to straighten it, to make it higher, and it’s a relatively quick procedure with minimal downtime, and it can be done in an office setting.

This is where dermal fillers can actually be a real help and you can actually do a lot with dermal fillers in the nose. One of the risks of using a needle with dermal fillers for the nose is that you can actually enter into a blood vessel with a sharp needle and actually block off the blood supply to the nose, and this can have rather disastrous effects on the nose.

With a blunt tip cannula you actually push blood vessels out the way, because the tip is blunt, it’s hard for it to penetrate into these blood vessels, it pushes them aside, so you have less risk of actually injecting filler into the artery itself. Although this side effect is rather rare I think it’s important for this point to be considered before anyone goes through filling of the nose. – So the reason why I wanna get, do the non-surgical rhinoplasty, is because I just wanted a bit more volume around my nose area.

It makes me actually feel a little bit self-conscious just because I’ve got a bit of a flat nose so it’s not something that I do like. – So look at the side profile, what we’re gonna do is actually balance her nose and particularly the chin. I’m just gonna measure you up for the (mumbles) position. So, yep, okay, now, if I bring this piece of paper it actually, when it hits her chin her nose is actually behind that. So, in fact, the nose could come out a little bit like so, be in line with the chin.

We’ll try and do that for her today with a bit of filler, and I think we can actually continue that filler down the nose, into the nose to actually lift it up. So, generally speaking, with Asian patients we tend to have a flatter nose and we tend to wanna project the central part of our face. So, most common enhancement with Asian patients is nose enhancement and chin enhancement, in most cases. So naturally Asian patients are very wide in the cheek and widening is not necessarily a good idea, but projecting the nose, the chin, is very aesthetically pleasing, as well sometimes projecting the cheeks as well. We’re not gonna do those areas today, we’re just gonna focus on the nose. Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

We’re going to put a bit of local anesthetic in the tip of the nose and that will allow painless entry of the needle and then the cannula. (calm music) As I mentioned earlier, the nose has a very sort of blood tight blood supply, or limited blood supply, so it’s often said, we’re often taught in medical school and then we put adrenaline in the nose but actually it has no side effect in this situation and often with surgical rhinoplasties they put, you know, quite a large amount of local anesthetic with adrenaline in the nose and there’s never any compromise of blood supply. So in this case we use zidocaine with adrenaline or local anesthetic with adrenaline, because we don’t want the nose to bleed.

Make an entry point now. (calm chanting) In the whole nose, all the way down to the tip. A small change with that small amount of filler. Keep going, the same thing. Just, it’s a bit sharper, a bit taller. You can mold to make it more aesthetically pleasing. You usually, we ask patients not to try and disrupt their nose or, you know, hit it or touch it too much, you can wear glasses but I would advise probably don’t mold it yourself.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty for Asian noses
Non Surgical Rhinoplasty for Asian noses

Usually it does set fairly quickly, so only for the first 24, 48 hours be careful. Aiming for quite a subtle result with Jenny, we don’t want anything out of proportion to her chin or profile and it’s not gonna give you the same degree of lift as a surgical implant, but it certainly is very nice and very natural, I think, that’s the key, really, for these things is that no one really can tell that you’ve had anything done but you just look nice. All right, here’s, have a look. – Wow. Mhm. – A bit higher? – Mhm, yeah, you can see the bridge. I can really notice the difference when I just look at myself straight away in the mirror. As a girl I would normally just overanalyze my face anyway and when I just looked at myself straight away in the mirror I just noticed where the light falls and I can tell the difference there. Now that I’ve had my filler done I don’t actually contour my nose at all anymore, I just leave it. So the procedure didn’t actually hurt at all.

It was a bit weird having, like, the cannula near your face, but just a little sting at the tip of the nose, it was, that’s all I felt. Other than that it was just a little bit pushing, but it didn’t hurt at all, it was fine. So, after the local anesthetic wore off it was just a little bit swollen and a little bit tender, but it was fine, like, it didn’t bother me at all. I think dermal fillers is something that I’m more comfortable just doing in the long run, I’m a bit nervous getting anything done more, you know, like surgical, it’s really non-invasive and no one can tell, I don’t have any downtimes, so it’s just quick and easy. It’s nice that it’s so subtle that nobody notices, but it’s just for myself and my self-esteem, my self-confidence, it just makes me feel better.


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