Nose Job Before After Experience – Rhinoplasty


Nose Job Before After Experience – Rhinoplasty

Patient : My concerns regarding my nose involve a hump on the bridge of my nose, and my tip is a little droopy. Dr. Yo said he can fix it and make it look better.

Dr : Liz came to me because there were a few issues regarding her nose, both functional and cosmetic.

Patient : I decided to choose Dr. Yo because I’ve seen a lot of his work and he does very cute noses, and he knows exactly what I want.

Dr : Liz had some difficulty breathing through her nose and wanted to improve her airway and breathing. With regards to the cosmetic aspects, she wanted to remove a bump on her bridge and straighten her profile and also to reduce the overall size of her nose.

Patient : The consultation process was very easy. I was asked questions regarding my medical history, my nose examined, and then asked what I was looking for and what I wanted to achieve with the procedure.
Nose Job Before After Experience - Rhinoplasty
Nose Job Before After Experience – Rhinoplasty

Dr : One concern that she had was keeping her identity – her ethnic identity, but also looking like herself after surgery. What she was looking for was a very natural, subtle result.

Patient : When I explained my goals, Dr. Yo knew what I wanted done with my nose, and he understand me completely. When he morphed my pictures on the computer he did exactly what I was envisioning.

Dr : From the aesthetic standpoint she did have some bulbosity and some excess width of the tip of her nose and also she did have a bump on the dorsum (bridge) of her nose. I assured her we would be able to straighten and soften her profile while maintaining her identity and giving her a subtle, natural result.

Patient : I’m counting down the days till my surgery date. I’m very excited I can’t wait. I wish it was sooner!

Dr : Liz is quickly approaching 6 weeks since her surgery. I performed open rhinoplasty and septoplasty and even though she is early in her recovery, she looks fantastic. I’m very pleased with how she is progressing.

Patient : I wasn’t able to see my nose while the cast was in place, but as soon as my cast came off I fell in love with my nose.

Dr : She is breathing better, and her nose looks beautiful, but still like her.

Patient :I was very excited to see my nose after surgery, and I could immediately tell the difference. The staff treated me very well, and I woke up with no pain.

Dr : Liz, her family, and sisters all love how she looks.

Patient : If you are considering getting a rhinoplasty or nose job, I would say go for it. It will definitely be worth your while.


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