Nose job regrets – 1 Month after rhinoplasty


Nose job regrets – 1 Month after rhinoplasty

I hate my nose, probably many of you did not know that, because if you’ve seen one of my videos, I’m very positive and things like that, but at some point I was a bit depressed and hated my nose and about a month after doing my nose job I found a video on my computer that I never posted.

I started to look for a few months. After the plastic surgery, I have seen videos and a lot of cuteness. Actually, I saw that most of them were cute. Most of the noses I saw after a month was nice and they were the end result. So here I look at those cute noses and they are When I looked at my nose, gosh, I was very depressed.

I cried a lot because I thought my nose was so long, and since a month I sent the doctor some pictures of my nose without the nose I hate the tape, but it’s back on and I just wanted this video to let you all know that if it’s been over a month and your nose still looks bad, but you’re not the only one I honestly freak out, but I hope I can do one more video, I want to see in this video, gosh, I love my notes, so it’s alright to freak out.

I hope it’s okay, so this is my nose. My recovery is not fast, I was about a month and I hated my nose, it was big it was swollen and I cried a lot, which did not really help me to go on youtube and watch all these videos and my nose job videos on whatever and if he had those nice tiny looking noses and they were happy and happy they were happy and that just brought me down.

Nose job regrets 1 Month after rhinoplasty -
Nose job regrets 1 Month after rhinoplasty –

It was as if something was wrong with my nose. If after a month all have nice noses, I’m just shitty. Probably, many of you are going through the same thing and I just want to tell you that you are not alone and you are not the only ones who probably hate your nose and most likely you will like your nose after a while. Here is the nose massage that you can do to help with the swelling.

There are a lot of good nose massages that you can find online on YouTube, but technically it’s just pressure inside, pressure like this, as I’ll say, medium pressure, not too light, not too hard, right in the middle, and then, yeah, that’s how you massage it pretty much, and sometimes people use those two fingers and then I know you know, as I watched these videos, I was so desperate to see my nose get better, but I literally would just be pinching my nose like super hard, just like they just do not do that I can not be gentle, be patient, be very patient, that’s all I can tell you guys.

I’m totally happy with my nose now. I will not say that I love it because you are so little you know nothing is perfect but I’m pretty happy with what I have now, so yes, that’s what it is now and it’s been two years, I think my nose will not change anyway. That’s it for today. See you next time.


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